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Colorado Gunman Opens Fire at Birthday Party, Killing 6 People and Then Himself

“Seven people are dead after a man opened fire at a birthday party in Colorado,” the Associated Press reported. “The shooting happened just after midnight Sunday in a mobile home park on the east side of Colorado Springs, police said.”

“Officers arrived at a trailer to find six dead adults and a man with serious injuries who died later at a hospital,” the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

“The suspected shooter was the boyfriend of a female victim at the party attended by friends, family and children,” the report continued. “He walked inside and began shooting before killing himself,” police said.

The police still haven’t identified a shooter or a motive for the mass shooting. The children at the party were not injured, according to reports. They have been placed in the care of their relatives.

“From the officers who responded to the shooting to the investigators still on scene, we are all left incredibly shaken. This is something you hope never happens in your own community, in the place that you call home,” Colorado Springs Police Chief Vince Niski said in a statement.

The Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, just made a statement about the terrible tragedy.

This is breaking news. This story will be updated as more information is forthcoming.

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