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Democrats Just Revealed Their Plans to Pack Supreme Court with Radical Justices

    House and Senate Democrats are planning to add more justices to the Supreme Court.

    “Congressional Democrats plan to unveil legislation expanding the size of the Supreme Court on Thursday, according to three congressional sources familiar with the closely held measure,” The Intercept reported.

    “The bill would add four seats to the high court, bringing the total to 13, from the current 9,” the report continued.

    “The bill is led by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler, Subcommittee chair Hank Johnson, and freshman Rep. Mondaire Jones,” The Intercept added. “In the Senate, the bill is being championed by Ed Markey of Massachusetts.”

    West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema have stated their opposition to court-packing. It would likely face fierce opposition in the Senate.

    Biden promised to form the commission on reforming the Supreme Court in October after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, which many took as a sign that he supported court-packing, despite his long track record of opposing it. As a Senator in 2005, he even called court-packing a “power grab.”

    There are currently 6 justices appointed by Republicans, including three from former President Trump, while there are 3 Democrat-appointed justices on the court after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

    The U.S. Constitution does not stipulate how many Supreme Court Justices should serve on the court; but there have been nine justices since 1889.

    Before 1889, Congress often changed the number of Supreme Court Justices to achieve partisan goals.  There were as five SCOTUS justices under John Adams and as many as 10 justices under Abraham Lincoln.

    As reported on Becker News earlier, the only purpose of the executive order issued by President Bident to form a commission to “reform” the Supreme Court was as political cover to pack it with radical justices. We now know the number the Democrats want: Four new justices.

    This is breaking news. It will be updated as more information is forthcoming.

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