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Federal Judge Deals Blow to Biden’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Vaccine Mandate in Ruling for South Carolina

A federal judge has dealt another crucial legal blow to the Biden administration by blocking the federal vaccine mandate for contractors with the U.S. government.

“US federal judge sides with Attorney General Wilson and blocks Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors,” Disclose reported.

“A federal judge on Tuesday has again sided with South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and blocked a Biden Administration mandate that would require employees of federal contractors to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” News 2 in Charleston reported.

“The judge granted a preliminary injunction which will prohibit the government from enforcing any such mandate, now the third time federal judges have sided with Attorney General Wilson and blocked enforcement of Biden Administration vaccine requirements,” the report added.

“Abuse of power by the Biden administration has been stopped cold again. The rule of law has prevailed and liberty is protected. When the President oversteps his authority the law is thankfully there to halt his misuse of power,” Attorney General Wilson said.

“The case was brought by Attorney General Wilson and Governor Henry McMaster, along with attorneys general and governors of six other states including Georgia, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Utah, and West Virginia. Other state entities are also named as plaintiffs,” the report noted.

“The lawsuit argues that the federal mandate, issued by President Biden on Sept. 9, is unconstitutional as it violates the Tenth Amendment, which grants states and the people powers that are not delegated by the Constitution to the federal government. It also calls into question the lack of exceptions for contractors that ‘work alone, outside, or even exclusively remotely’,” the report noted.


Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Suffers Another Devastating Blow: ‘This Unlawful Mandate is Now Blocked in All 50 States’

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