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Hunter Biden is Finally Suing the Computer Store Owner Who Found His Abandoned ‘Laptop from Hell’

As the most damning evidence yet that the Biden family was involved in an international corruption rings involving the communist Chinese has emerged, Hunter Biden has finally taken the step of suing the computer store owner who took possession of his laptop after it was abandoned.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was filled with salacious content and evidence of criminal behavior, even as the U.S. Justice Department has dragged its feet prosecuting President Joe Biden’s son or vigorously investigation the president for potentially compromising national security.

The Washington Post on Friday broke the news that Hunter Biden would finally countersue against the computer repair shop owner whose finding launched a national saga.

“Hunter Biden has filed a sweeping countersuit against the computer repair shop owner who said that Biden dropped his laptop off and never claimed it, a legal action that escalates the battle over how provocative data and images of the president’s son were obtained nearly five years ago,” WaPo reported.

“In the counterclaim, filed on Friday morning in U.S. District Court in Delaware, Biden and his attorneys say that John Paul Mac Isaac had no legal right to copy and distribute private information,” the report continued. “They accuse him and others of six counts of invasion of privacy, including conspiracy to obtain and distribute the data.”

“The 42-page filing goes into significant detail on the ways Hunter Biden’s data became public, a development that propelled it into the maelstrom of the last presidential campaign and, since January, to the center of a Republican-led congressional investigation of the president’s son,” the story added.

“As a result of Mac Isaac’s unlawful agreement and his conspiracy with others, Mr. Biden’s personal data was made available to third parties and then ultimately to the public at large, which is highly offensive, causing harm to Mr. Biden and his reputation,” the suit states. “The object of invading Mr. Biden’s privacy and disseminating his data was not for any legitimate purpose but to cause harm and embarrassment to Mr. Biden.”

The story adds that Mac Isaac had launched a lawsuit last year contending that Hunter Biden defamed him by saying he had illegally accessed the data, when in actuality the laptop became his property when it was abandoned in his shop. Isaac’s suit also targeted CNN, Politico, the Biden campaign and Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-CA).

The lawsuit comes as House Republicans have uncovered damning evidence that the Biden family profited off of millions in unearned cash traced to the Chinese Communist Party.


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