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Joe Biden Breaks Campaign Pledge, Now Building Trump’s Wall with Mexico

    Joe Biden ran for the presidency on a vow not to build “another foot” of Trump’s border wall with Mexico. But after a worsening border crisis that has many of his most staunchest supporters questioning his lack of leadership, President Biden is reversing course and building the wall.

    “BREAKING: @FoxNews has confirmed via the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that construction on a 13.4 mile stretch of border wall in the Rio Grande Valley will *RESUME* after pressure from local residents & politicians,” Bill Melugin reported. “The Biden admin previously halted all wall construction in Jan.”

    The development follows upon a Tuesday report that the Biden administration was carrying out construction work on a section of border wall in California.

    “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is working to fix what it describes as ‘dangerous erosion’ along a 14-mile stretch of border wall construction in California — one of what it says are a number of steps to protect communities there,” Fox News reported.

    “DHS specified that it is working to ‘remediate dangerous soil erosion’ in San Diego, which it looped in as part of a number of measures to address damage that it blamed on the prior administration’s wall construction,” the report continued.

    “Improper compaction of soil and construction materials along a wall segment constructed by the prior administration is causing dangerous erosion along a 14-mile stretch in San Diego, California,” DHS said in an April 30 statement. “DHS will begin necessary backfill projects to ensure the safety of nearby border communities.”

    Rep. Ilhan Omar slammed Joe Biden for continuing the construction of the border wall.

    “It’s shameful and unacceptable for @POTUS to continue the construction of Trump’s xenophobic and racist wall,” Omar said on Twitter.

    It looks like Biden fears blowback from Democratic voters concerned about the worsening immigration crisis more than fiery tweets from members of “The Squad.”

    This is breaking news. It will be updated as more information is forthcoming.

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