Judge Makes Ruling on Whether Arizona Audit Can Continue — It’s a Win for 2020 Election Transparency

Written by Kyle Becker

A judge has made a ruling that is a blow to opponents of Maricopa County’s election audit. A temporary restraining order that would have put a halt to the audit has been denied.

The previous judge overseeing the Arizona audit cases was suddenly replaced with a new judge on Tuesday.

“The case was reassigned to Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel G. Martin hours after Judge Christopher Coury recused himself from the case due to the involvement of an attorney who had worked as an extern in his office within the last five years,” the Hill reported on Monday.

“Coury’s recusal came less than 24 hours before a hearing that had been scheduled for Monday morning,” the report added.

Judge Daniel Martin has ties to Perkins Coie, which has sent scores of lawyers to try to put a stop to the election audit. One of them, Marc Elias, has lashed out repeatedly against the Arizona audit.

Gabriel Sterling, who became the face of the Georgia elections fiasco, despite being an independent contractor, also decided to weigh in on Arizona’s affairs.


On Thursday, Democrats filed a lawsuit to block the Maricopa County election audit. The former judge agreed to pause the audit until Monday.

“Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury said he wants to ensure the recount fully complies with Arizona law and asked for more information by Monday morning on the audit’s policies and procedures,” AZ Central reported.

“If Gallardo or the Democratic Party post a $1 million bond, the audit will be paused at 5 p.m.,” the report cited the judge.

The Democrats failed to produce the $1 million bond and so the audit was cleared to proceed as planned until the temporary restraining order was filed. Another impediment to 2020 election transparency has been removed, and thus it will proceed as planned.

One of the reasons the left so desperately wants to stop the audit is because auditors may have methods that would defeat a massive attempt to commit election fraud. On Saturday, video surfaced that seemed to show auditors running the ballots under ‘black light’ scanners, which would potentially reveal watermarks that would separate legal ballots from illegal ones. An Arizona Central reporter refuted claims that there are watermarks on the ballots.

The radical left and the media are panicking over the audit and lobbing numerous accusations, while seeking to undermine its legitimacy. But if the Arizona audit can substantiate that fraud actually happened, numerous other states would surely follow suit. The Democrats’ panic would only just be beginning.



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