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4 Suspected Terrorists Caught Trying to Cross Biden’s Open Border

    Joe Biden’s border crisis is presenting a whole new “challenge” for the administration: Suspected terrorists attempting to come into the United States.

    “The Customs and Border Protection agency confirmed to Congress today that four people arrested at the southern border since Oct. 1 match names on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database,” a congressional aide told Axios in a “scoop.”

    Alarmingly, the suspected terrorists were not even from Latin America, but from the Middle East and from southeastern Europe.

    “Three of the people arrested were from Yemen and one was from Serbia,” Axios continued. “The four arrests are more than the number of similar people taken into custody during recent full fiscal years, according to the source. In fiscal 2018, six people from Yemen and Bangladesh were arrested.”

    The news comes as the Biden administration continues to be hammered on the immigration crisis. The Department of Homeland Security issued a statement on Saturday night that acknowledged the situation on the southern border is a state of emergency. It indicated FEMA is now supporting DHS’s handling of Biden’s border crisis.

    The White House is also taking heat for detaining migrant youths, which was labeled under the Trump administration as putting “kids in cages.”

    “ICE has asked for volunteers to send to the US-Mexico border ‘as soon as this weekend’ as a south Texas migrant complex is seven times over capacity and reports are surfacing of children being forced to sleep on floors of detention centers,” the Daily Mail reported.

    “So far in March, more than 4,200 people are arriving into America across the border per day, which if sustained would rival the 132,856 apprehensions recorded in May 2019 – which was the most in 13 years,” the Mail continued.

    In addition, CBS reports a “staggering number of migrant children detained at a Border Patrol facility in south Texas face overcrowded conditions, with some held for as long as seven days,” according to lawyers contacted by the outlet.

    One lawyer said that children were going hungry, and some only showered once in seven days.

    “Some of the boys said that conditions were so overcrowded that they had to take turns sleeping on the floor,” attorney Neha Desai said regarding a migrant holding facility in Donna, Texas.

    Terrorists, kids in cages, illegal immigrants potentially spreading COVID — this is America’s immigration policy under the Biden administration.

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