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Manhattan Prosecutor is Now Expected to Charge the Trump Organization with Tax Crimes

    The Trump organization and its chief financial officer are expected to be charged with tax crimes, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal.

    “The Manhattan district attorney’s office is expected to charge the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer with tax-related crimes on Thursday, people familiar with the matter said, which would mark the first criminal charges against the former president’s company since prosecutors began investigating it three years ago,” WSJ said.

    “The charges against the Trump Organization and Allen Weisselberg, the company’s longtime chief financial officer, are a blow to former President Donald Trump, who has fended off multiple criminal and civil probes during and after his presidency,” the report continued. “Mr. Trump himself isn’t expected to be charged, his lawyer said. Mr. Weisselberg has rejected prosecutors’ attempts at gaining his cooperation, according to people familiar with the matter.”

    “The defendants are expected to appear in court on Thursday afternoon,” WSJ’s sources said.

    On Friday, the New York Daily News revealed that Donald Trump’s name could appear on an indictment, which seems to be the whole point of the case.

    “Donald Trump’s name could appear on a criminal indictment as soon as next week,” the Daily News said. “The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has informed former president Trump’s lawyers that they are weighing a criminal indictment against the Trump Organization related to untaxed perks paid to the company’s chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, and other top executives.”

    Trump’s attorney Ron Fischetti told the Daily News “he met with prosecutors from DA Cy Vance’s office virtually Thursday and that an indictment against the Trump Organization appears imminent.”

    “The DA listened to us, but obviously we didn’t persuade them,” Fischetti said. “They’re doing this just to hurt Donald Trump himself. There are no charges against him at all in this.”

    Fischetti told the Daily News that the Trump Organization “will plead not guilty to the charges and file a motion to dismiss the indictment.”

    “In my more than 50 years of practice, never before have I seen the district attorney’s office target a company over employee compensation or fringe benefits,” Fischetti said. “The IRS would not, and has not, brought a case like this. Even the financial institutions responsible for causing the 2008 financial crises, the worst financial crisis since the great depression, were not prosecuted.”


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