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Texas Makes Good on Promise to Arrest Democrats for Fleeing Election Integrity Bill Vote

    The State of Texas is making good on its word that Democratic members of the legislature who fled votes on critical state business will be arrested or detained if necessary upon their return.

    The Texas House voted 76-4 to arrest the state legislature’s members who fled the state to deny a vote on election reform bills. Watch:

    Earlier, it was reported that the measure may not even be necessary, because a quorum may be met in the Texas Legislature regardless.

    A New York Times reporter said that a Texas senate aide told him there may be a quorum, even without the Texas Democrats.

    “Just in: A Texas senate aide tells me that a number of Texas Democratic senators have also left for Washington, but not enough to break a quorum in the senate,” the Times reporter tweeted. “A Republican Texas senate aide says that a quorum is expected and that they will likely take up SB1 today.”

    You read that right: The bills could be passed today anyway.

    So, while the Democrats were out taking selfies after their highly publicized rides on private jets and luxury buses.

    Earlier, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that the “flee-a-bustering” members of the Texas Legislature can actually be arrested upon their return if they are needed for a vote.

    “As soon as they come back in the state of Texas, they will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas Capitol until they get their job done,” Abbott said.

    Texas Governor Abbott did make it clear on “The Ingraham Angle” that what the Democrats did violated the Texas Constitution’s rules on the legislature.

    “What the law is, it’s in the Constitution, and that is the House, the State House of Representatives, who are here in the capitol in Austin right now,” Abbott said, “they do have the ability to issue a call for their fellow members who are not showing up to be arrested, but only so long as that arrest is made in the State of Texas. That is why they have fled the state.”

    “Once they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol and we will be conducting business,” he added.

    It looks like at least some Texans are indeed men of their word.


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