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‘Burn It Down!’ Far-Left Extremists are Now Openly Marching at the Capitol Threatening Violence

The U.S. media has relentlessly hyped the fizzling threat of “far-right” extremism. It failed to manifest itself on January 20th, seemingly to the disappointment of radical leftists.

MSNBC’s demented host Nicolle Wallace even not-so-subtly suggested drone-bombing these allegedly ubiquitous “domestic terrorists,” presumably not referring to Antifa thugs or radicalized BLM agitators.

This is what is going on in Washington D.C. tonight.

Those would be the violent “far-left extremists” who are marching through the streets of major U.S. cities on a nearly nightly basis. That would include the capitol of Washington D.C., where there are thousands of National Guard troops stationed in the dead of winter, all to the taxpayer cost of an estimated $500,000,000.

These activists happen to be shouting the mostly peaceful chant, “If we don’t get it, burn it down.”

The threatening “protesters” are currently marching around D.C. on Saturday night. One can only imagine if anti-Biden protesters happened to show up in Washington D.C. again so brazenly.

That’s not all. There has been harassment of local police.

Protection of local residents from potential attacks or threats.

Right-wing extremists? They are pretty clear about the group’s identity.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security issued an open-ended “terrorism bulletin” based on no intelligence of a “credible, imminent attack” on the country. They might want to check around on this thing we like to call “the Internet.”

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