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Canada Bans Unvaccinated from Domestic Travel Citing Omicron Variant, Which Was First Found in ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Patients

Canada is no longer a free country. On Tuesday, it is banning travelers under age 12 who have decided to be unvaccinated from traveling by plane or by train.

“Unvaccinated travellers over the age of 12 won’t be able to board a plane or passenger train in Canada beginning today, and a negative COVID-19 test will no longer serve as a substitute for most people,” the CBC reported.

“The policy came into effect on Oct. 30, but the federal government allowed a short transition period for unvaccinated travellers who could board as long as they provided a negative molecular COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before their trip,” the report noted.

“The stringent new requirement comes into effect as Canada reacts to the emergence of the new, highly mutated omicron variant of the coronavirus,” the report added.

“The discovery of the new variant has prompted border closures and heavier screening in Canada and abroad over fears it could prove more transmissible,” the report continued. “The risk related to the omicron variant is very high, according to the World Health Organization, but there is still a lot public health officials and scientists do not know about it.”

Furthermore, there will be no exemptions granted to travelers based on religious or health reasons. Proof-of-vaccination is already required for most Canadians to dine at restaurants or attend live events.

The government of Botswana’s Covid-19 Task Force addressed the origins of the Omicron variant in its country, and noted it was first found among four “fully vaccinated” patients.

“The Presidential Covid-19 Task Force informs the public that four (4) cases of a new Covid-19 variant now known as B.1.1.529, were reported and recorded on Monday 22nd November 2021,” Botswana’s task force coordinator Dr.  K. Masupu said. “The four (4) cases were detected among travellers who tested SARS-COV-2 positive on routine pre-travel testing. The variant tests were carried out as part of the routine genomic surveillance of SARS-COV-2 as prescribed in our COVID-19 response plan.”

“The preliminary report revealed that all the four had been fully vaccinated for COVID-19,” the report added.

A South African doctor who has treated Omicron patients has noted that the symptoms thus far appear to be “mild.”

“Covid symptoms linked to the new omicron variant have been described as ‘extremely mild’ by the South African doctor who first raised the alarm over the new strain,” CNBC reported.

“Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, told the BBC on Sunday that she started to see patients around Nov.18 presenting with ‘unusual symptoms’ that differed slightly from those associated with the delta variant, which is the most virulent strain of the virus to date and globally dominant,” the report added.

“It actually started with a male patient who’s around the age of 33 … and he said to me that he’s just [been] extremely tired for the past few days and he’s got these body aches and pains with a bit of a headache,” she told the BBC.

This is purportedly why a travel ban on the unvaccinated has been implemented in Canada? It is once again a demonstration that the rationales for such vaccine mandates and travel bans are as shoddy as the vaccines’ waning efficacy.

And the people of the United States need to take heed that the Biden administration is priming the public to soon pass its own federal vaccine travel ban.

At a Monday press conference, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said “nothing is off the table” when it comes to a vaccine mandate for domestic travel.

In regards to an interstate travel, CNN’s Kaitlin Collins asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki: “Is he now considering mandating vaccinations to fly domestically?”

“Well, I think what you heard the President say — I think — it was hard to hear the question, so I think this was a question that was asked, but was that he wasn’t taking any options off the table, but he’s going to rely on that advice of his health and medical experts,” Psaki responded.

The right to travel, however, is implied by the Fifth Amendment, and has been upheld in numerous Supreme Court precedents. The glaring problem with the Biden administration’s apparent intention to issue its own domestic travel ban is that the U.S. Constitution was explicitly designed to take such government options “off the table.”


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