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Canadian Police Begin Mass Arrests of ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesters — But Now They Have a Whole New Problem

    Canadian police have begun mass arrests of Freedom Convoy protesters who had successfully blocked the critical Ambassador Bridge for nearly a week. But now the Canadian government has a whole new problem.

    The Windsor Police announced the operation to arrest the Freedom Convoy protesters on Sunday morning.

    The police also announced that vehicles were being towed and that Canadians should avoid the area.

    The protests were being recorded by journalists until police forcibly expelled them from the area. Sean O’Shea of Global News reported the police arrests.

    Ellen Maurro of CBC News also reported arrests.

    Tactical assault vehicles were brought in to intimidate the protesters into complying.

    The police also cleared nearby protests in support of the Freedom Convoy.

    Canadian veterans had earlier stepped in to slow the police clearance down.

    But the Trudeau government has a whole new problem: For every Ambassador Bridge the Canadian government clears, there will be new border crossing blockades and Freedom Convoy protests.

    “May I introduce you to Surrey, British Columbia, near the Washington State border,” Rebel News’ Ezra Levant tweeted. “This is going to be like whack-a-mole until Trudeau submits.”

    Indeed, the Washington Post has reported that more protests and border blockades are in progress.

    “The protesters continued to block parts of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, for the third consecutive weekend and staged disruptive blockades at other border crossings in Canada,” Washington Post reported.

    “Disruptions have also plagued other vital cross-border arteries — from Coutts, Alberta, which connects to Montana, to Surrey in British Columbia, which connects to Washington state,” WaPo added.

    In Toronto, the police are actually blocking off roads to prevent Canadians from having their freedom of movement restricted by the protests.

    The Freedom Convoy protests will not end with the clearing of the Ambassador Bridge. The Trudeau government will continue to play ‘whack-a-mole’ with the protesters until their basic rights are respected.


    Canadian Police Announce the Operation to Force Shut Down of Freedom Convoy Has Begun

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