The Biden Administration Deflects Blame Onto Trump for Chinese Spy Base in Cuba

U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed that China has been conducting espionage activities from a spy base in Cuba, a senior Biden administration official told Politico on Saturday. The Biden administration blamed its predecessors in the Trump administration for the Chinese spy base located in Cuba. “When this administration took office in January 2021, we were briefed...

Hamas Terrorists Appear to Have Used North Korean Weapons During Ruthless Attack on Israel

There is evidence suggesting that Hamas militants may have employed weaponry of North Korean origin during their aggressive assault on Israel. The study conducted, together with the examination of other evidence such as a militant video and weapons confiscated by Israel, suggests that the perpetrators of the assault in Israel on October 7 were probably...

Israeli Warplanes Bomb Southern Lebanon After Hezbollah Rocket Attacks

Israeli jets attacked Hezbollah positions along the border with Lebanon on Saturday. The terrorist group had attacked several Israeli army posts, and two big rockets hit one of them. The IDF released a video on Saturday showing its retaliation in Lebanon for the attack. There was more footage obtained of the Israeli strikes. The fighting got worse the...
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