Covid Vaccine Mandates are Back — This Time in the ‘Deep Red’ State of Texas

Covid-19 vaccine mandates are back in one "deep red" state: Texas. "The implementation of vaccine mandates at one of the largest institutions in the red state of Texas has raised concerns over the diminishing state of health freedom while a law that would provide Texans with vaccine choice remains stalled by lawmakers," the Epoch Times...

Massive Human Trafficking Bust Reveals High School Teacher, Disney Employees Among Suspects

Authorities in Florida have recently announced the outcomes of an extensive human trafficking operation, which resulted in a record-breaking 219 arrests. Among those arrested were illegal aliens, a high school teacher, and three Disney employees, as revealed by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd during a press conference. The operation, conducted earlier this month, is noted...

This is Why It’s Impossible Democrat Rep. Bowman ‘Accidentally’ Pulled Fire Alarm

Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman (NY) pulled a fire alarm in Cannon Building on Saturday, forcing an evacuation as Democrats tried to buy more time to read new CR, Fox News' Chad Pergram reported. "USCP criminal investigation unit is questioning Bowman," Pergram noted. The USCP is the Capitol Police. Marjorie Taylor Greene captured the fallout. "Fire alarm...

Everything the Media Says ‘Didn’t Happen’ During Its Biden Impeachment Inquiry Blackout

Americans witnessed the first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing. Or rather, some Americans did, because the corrupt corporate media largely blacked them out. MSNBC, CNN, and the Big Three outlets all blacked out live coverage of the Biden impeachment inquiry. Here is everything they claim 'didn't happen' at the hearing. The media also misrepresented what actually took...

RFK Jr. May Run Independent in 2024, But He’s Not the Only Candidate Who Can Play ‘Spoiler’

Multiple third-party candidates could sway the 2024 presidential election in key battleground states if there’s a rematch between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, political observers and polling analysts told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Green Party candidate Cornel West, a Libertarian Party candidate, a No Labels candidate and likely Robert...
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