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Chelsea Clinton Roasted for Pushing Sexually Explicit Books Onto Children

Chelsea Clinton is receiving backlash for her support of sexually explicit material being made available for children in school and public libraries.

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton argued against banning such literature from schools, stating that such a measure would be detrimental. Her comments followed an NBC News report on the prohibition of LGBT-themed children’s books containing explicit content in libraries.

“In its annual book censorship report, the American Library Association documented 1,269 challenges to more than 2,500 books in 2022, the highest number of attempted book bans since the association began tracking such efforts in 2001. It was a 75% jump from 2021, which held the previous record,” NBC reported.

“Of the 13 books that made the ALA’s list of ‘Most Challenged Books’ last year, seven titles — including three of the top four — were challenged for having LGBTQ content, the association found,” the outlet said.

Chelsea Clinton argued that sexually explicit books targeting children are a vital way for kids to learn about themselves.

Chelsea Clinton received furious backlash on her Twitter thread for her advocacy of childhood sexual grooming books.

“The photo on the article you’re quoting features a book with explicit illustrations of sex acts, a book about incest, one a sex story about two 10 year old boys, one about a man raping and isolating a 12 year old girl, one about a teen girl who seduces a man who kidnaps her…,” Chad Felix Greene, a self-described gender dysphoria survivor, fired back.

“From Gender queer: Anyone that thinks this is appropriate for a K-12 school library should have their hard drives searched for CP,” another remarked and provided censored graphic examples.

“A quick review of parent/teacher conferences shows your fav book has R & C rated illustrations, incest 👀, Sen Scott Weiner style pederasty, Pedophile rape, & Lolita style Pedo fantasy where the teen girl is the aggressor,” Twitter user JW fired back. “So are you unaware of the contents/theme of the book (aka one of your little activist friends just gave you the book and a script for what to say, empty pantsuit) or did the apple not fall far from the Bill Clinton tree…is the exploitative Pedo sex theme right up your alley?”

“These are the ‘banned books’ to which you refer, Chelsea—pornographic books which are being offered to children in schools across the USA. Why do you support the sexualization of our youth?” Twitter user Julia US replied and provided more explicit photos.

“Would you show these books to your kids?” Scott Akos asked Chelsea Clinton.

“Satan and I think kids should have access to porn,” Babylon Bee owner & CEO Seth Dillon shot back with a satirical quote. He provided more explicit photos than can be viewed on Twitter.

“Speaking of harmful, care to comment on how harmful it was to the women your father sexually assaulted and your mother attacked?” Vince Langman replied.

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