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Chicago Residents Rise Up Against Biden’s Illegal Migrant Wave, Condemn ‘Replacement’ of Black Votes

Residents in South Shore, Chicago are rising up in anger over proposed plans to relocate numerous illegal immigrants into their community.

Their protest arises from concerns about President Joe Biden’s stance on open border policies, increasing instances of fraudulent asylum claims, and the proposed release of thousands of illegal immigrants in cities across the nation.

During a recent city council meeting, residents passionately voiced their opposition to the release proposal, urging local officials to take action to prevent the imminent influx.

The South Shore Neighbors group even filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago and CPS to block migrants from moving to old South Shore High School, WGN reported.

Chicago residents are growing increasingly critical of illegal immigration advocates who promote granting voting rights to non-citizens.

“This is an effort to destroy our neighborhoods and silence our voices,” one man warned.

“Politically, having over 500 people in our community will completely wipe out any interest we have,” a speaker said. “Are you aware that there are immigrant advocates at state houses all over this country? That’s right.”

“Who are advocating for non-citizen voting and local elections? What if that happened here?” he said. “That would change the mindset of what we as a black community, need to thrive here in Chicago. Mayor, that’s a concern of ours. This is much bigger than the mayor of Chicago or Chicago Police Department. This is an effort to destroy our neighborhoods and silence our voices even further.”

“Preach!” one person exclaimed.

“One might say that they are being… wait for it… replaced,” journalist Greg Price quipped.

Other South Shore residents blasted the illegal immigration influx.

“All these resources that have not come to us. Now, you wanna overly compensate for people who’ve never lived here before and they, we need to be taken care of first and foremost before anything else happens here?” a woman said.

“We are at war people,” a man argued. “Our communities are at war. They are violating our communities. And we asking that We have country, we across the country, and we asking that we are demanding for offices of Black America or whatever you want to call it, to deal with issues like this.”

“I did get placed on the wait list, but I was told that the immigrants were taking priority,” another man claimed. “See, that’s the story that a lot of people don’t know and it just, it hurt me. I’m like, ‘wait a minute.’ I understand we need to be humanitarian, but these people are that. My participant are third and fourth generation Chicagoan, born, bred, fed and raised here. My grandmother… rest in peace, always said, Craig, charity starts at home first and then it go abroad.”

“Many of these migrants have been dumped in our neighborhoods without a plan in place to monitor and house them long term,” a women complained.

On Thursday, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the Biden administration’s plan to release thousands of undocumented immigrants without proper documentation or court hearings. A federal judge ruled in favor of Florida shortly before the expiration of Title 42 on Thursday night.

States like Florida and Texas have countered the end of Title 42 by ramping up their out-of-state deportation policies. One of the premier destinations for new illegal migrants? Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in D.C.

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