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China is ‘Firing the Opening Salvo’ in a Military Confrontation Over Taiwan: Report

The Chinese government has announced that it will begin to stop and inspect any ship that is seen sailing through the Taiwan Strait, according to alarming new reports.

Taiwan has stated that it will not cooperate with any kind of “search and seizure” by the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

“China’s Fujian maritime safety administration launched a three-day special joint patrol and inspection operation in the central and northern parts of the Taiwan Strait that includes moves to board ships, it said on its WeChat account,” Reuters reported.

“The move comes amid heightened tensions between China and Taiwan, with U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hosting Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in California on Wednesday, becoming the most senior U.S. figure to meet a Taiwanese leader on U.S. soil in decades,” the report added.

Speaker McCarthy on Saturday lashed out against China’s objections to his visit with the Taiwanese president.

“I am the Speaker of the House,” McCarthy said. “There is no place that China is going to tell me where I can go or who I can speak to.”

China’s escalation of naval exercises in the Taiwanese Strait comes amid the communist nation’s strengthening ties with Russia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia.

The Chinese yuan recently topped the US dollar as the most traded currency in Russia, according to Bloomberg data. Brazil and China in late March agreed to bypass the US dollar when paying for trade goods. China and Saudi Arabia are also forging closer energy ties, with the Saudi kingdom recently joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) with the status of dialogue partner. Beijing also mediated a landmark agreement between historic foes Iran and Saudi Arabia.

China is shoring up its diplomatic relations around the world as it continues to circle the island nation of Taiwan, which the communist regime considers to be its territory.

Ian Ellis, a media analyst believes that China’s naval inspection regime could be an “opening salvo” in an eventual blockade of Taiwan.

Taiwan is definitely a hot spot for international observers to keep an eye on, particularly with a weak and compromised Biden regime that is inviting aggression abroad.

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