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‘Climate Envoy’ John Kerry Has Ice Cold Response When Asked About Americans Losing Jobs Under Biden Plan

John Kerry is back, and looking none-the-worse-for-wear, as the newly minted “Climate Envoy” for the Biden administration. If you have no idea what a Climate Envoy is, have no worry, he doesn’t either. But if you want a brief description: It’s just like a Climate Czar, except less authoritarian sounding.

Kerry was asked at a press conference with the maskless Jen Psaki about the prospect of Americans losing thousands and thousands of jobs under the Biden no-energy plan, due to the cancelation of the Keystone XL pipeline, the massive boondoggle of the Paris Climate Agreement, and more.

His response to a question about what message the Biden administration is sending to American workers who are “seeing an end to their livelihoods” is exactly what one might expect:

“What President Biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices… That they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.”

Solar panels. Like these:

Kerry attempts to explain away non-existent market forces that are being brushed away by the gigantic, visible hand of government in order to subsidize Dem-friendly “no alternative” energy companies.

The reaction to Kerry’s cold-blooded and reality-detached statement:

You just knew there had to be a way China would benefit from all this.

The only thing worse than a press conference with John Kerry and Jen Psaki would be a press conference with John Kerry and Jen Psaki and Gina McCarthy. But have no fear America, the Biden administration saved the best for last.

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