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CNN Doc Has Bad News for Vaccine Takers: You May Not Only Need Another Shot, But One from a Different Company

The average CNN viewer’s head must be spinning from all the different COVID directives they are issued on a daily basis. On Tuesday, the network’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta brought them news that should send the vaccine-manufacturers’ stocks soaring.

Vaccine takers will likely not just need one series of COVID vaccine shots, they will almost certainly need a booster. And not just any old booster — one by a different manufacturer. Incredible. Watch:

“We’ve got one question from Lucille who asks if a booster is recommended. ‘Should I stick with Moderna or can I get the Pfizer available?’” John Berman asked. “I guess I want to broaden that out a little bit and just ask you, for most people, for most Americans who have been vaccinated, how focused or concerned should they be about the booster issue?”

“Well, so overall this issue is still being studied, but I think we’re going to have some answers pretty quick here,” Dr. Gupta responded. “So, to answer Lucille’s question specifically, not only may it be okay to go ahead and get a shot from a different company, it may, in fact, be recommended.”

“Why?” he continued. “Because what they’re starting to find is that if you have shots from two different, you know, companies, you may actually get a stronger immune response. You’re activating slightly different parts of the immune system, it might be better, being actively studied.”

“When I say soon, I mean this Friday the CDC’s advisers will be meeting to discuss this issue and they may be taking their cues from Israel which has already recommended boosters for those over the age of 60, and in Germany as well, they’re also looking at the possibility, as well as the U.K., for September possibly recommending boosters for those who are immunocompromised,” Dr. Gupta added. “That’s probably what’s going to happen. We will see.”

“What we know is the vaccines seem to offer really good long-term protection, but there may be certain groups of people who would benefit from these boosters and even boosters from different manufacturers,” Dr. Gupta noted.

That’s certainly music to vaccine manufacturers’ ears. Meanwhile, the less-deadly Delta variant is set to fizzle out in a matter of weeks, according to trends observed in nations like India, which has a low vaccination rate, as well as the United Kingdom.

But as far as the CDC is concerned, there is no such thing as ‘too much vaccination,’ even if you’ve already had the virus, and even if natural immunity is shown to be superior.


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