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CNN Finally Calls Out the President on Hunter Biden Scandal: ‘Charges Could Be Coming At Any Time’

It’s finally happened. The Hunter Biden scandal exists. All it took was an unpopular president who is deadweight to the Democratic Party to get the cable news network to admit it.

Brian Stelter sat down with First Lady Jill Biden’s former White House press secretary Michael LaRosa and the ugly truth finally came spilling out of a CNN journalist’s mouth. Watch:

“Dowd’s column in this morning’s New York Times basically says that Joe Biden should not run for reelection,” Stelter said. “This has been a narrative for months and it’s getting louder and louder, including from some Democratic lawmakers saying Biden should basically hang it up and, and, and, and say he is a lame duck and, and, and not run in 2024. So where do you come down on this as a former White House aide?”

“Oh, I hope he runs and I know he is going to run,” LaRosa responded. “I think he’s planning to run, as he said many times. But look, I think that it is, this is arriving right on time. It’s like it’s Democratic bedwetting time. In 1995, right around this time R.W. Apple wrote a piece in the New York Times.”

“Wait, are you saying the media’s predictable?” Stelter said glibly.

“Very predictable,” LaRosa replied. “We always do this. This is very cyclical.”

“But it’s different this time given Biden’s age,” Stelter said.

“Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama…” LaRosa tried to interject.

“His age makes a difference,” Stelter reiterated.

“Well, to you guys,” LaRosa retorted. “But after you look at the week he just had, and those wins that he racked up while he had COVID, I don’t see,I don’t see why he wouldn’t run. I haven’t heard a reason why.”

“What about Hunter? Hunter under federal investigation, charges could be coming at any time,” Stelter said. “This is not just a right wing media story. This is a real problem for the Bidens. Could he decide not to run for reelection? Given his son…”

“Look, they make, they make decisions as a family and they will make that decision when it’s time,” LaRosa responded.

“Do you think they’ve talked about it yet?” Stelter asked.

“No, they’re — the president’s doing his job,” LaRosa answered. “He’s doing his work. He’s not focused on that. It’s 19 months. Why would he be doing that?”

“Okay, so you’re saying it’s, the press is getting ahead of —”

“Way ahead, way ahead,” LaRosa said. “Look, there’s more work to do. It’s been 19 months and you know, he, he intends to run like you said. But I think we, I think, I think the focus should be from the press on how, what he is doing is affecting people out in the country.”

‘Because these are things that Democrats have want to get done for a long time,” he continued. “And just over in just a week, veterans, manufacturing, the unemployment rate, it’s been remarkable to see a president rack up so many substantive wins, as even your anchors have noted in the last year.”

Is this CNN tipping off Americans that charges may be coming in the Hunter Biden investigation? Only time will tell.

But FBI Director Christopher Wray in recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee admitting that reports of political tampering with the Hunter Biden investigation were ‘deeply troubling‘ are suggestive that something big is going to break on this story.

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