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CNN Lets Cat Out of the Bag: Biden is ‘Very Progressive… Not Moderate’

    Now they tell us. CNN’s Abby Phillip said out loud what thinking Americans have known all along about the Biden administration: It’s “not moderate.”

    Whether or not it’s “progressive” in the literal sense of the word to blow trillions of taxpayer dollars that the American people can’t afford on make-work projects is left up to the reader to decide.

    But CNN at least owned up to the fact that Biden’s policies are extreme, in the sense that “very progressive” means expensive tax-and-spend policies issued on the backs of working Americans.

    “The policy is very progressive,” Phillip confessed. “The policy is not, you know, moderate. This is someone who is proposing $3.5 trillion in spending in a reconciliation bill on top of over a trillion dollars in spending on an infrastructure bill.”

    On Monday, a failed Senate test vote dealt a blow to the $3.5 trillion spending blowout. The Republicans are countering with a $1.2 trillion proposal that sheds a lot of the ‘progressive’ goodies on climate change, union handouts, and kickbacks to radical groups.

    Also buried in the infrastructure bill was a ‘pathway to citizenship’ for tens of millions of illegal immigrants/prospective Democrat voters. The Democrats were seeking to pass the bill through reconciliation, although this would be an egregious abuse of the process that is of dubious constitutional merit.

    “Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., the lead author of a sweeping immigration bill that reflects President Joe Biden’s vision, said Thursday that Democrats are exploring immigration changes worth $120 billion in the budget reconciliation measure, which can pass without Republican support,” NBC reported.

    “Menendez said Democrats will seek to allow a path to legalization and green cards for certain ‘Dreamers,’ farmworkers, essential workers and people on Temporary Protected Status,” the report continued.

    “That’s not everything that my U.S. Citizenship Act would do, but it would be a very big down payment,” he said, adding that the objective is “to be as expansive as we can on immigration reform.”

    Such radical provisions would almost certainly guarantee a perpetual Democratic majority in national politics for generations. That’s as “very progressive” as it gets.


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