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CNN’s Acosta Ambushes Congressman About Jan. 6th, His Response is an Instant Classic

    CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta seized the opportunity to accost a Republican congressman on the way home from the office about January 6th.

    Rep. Mo Brooks had been one of the speakers at the “Save America” rally on the day. Brooks has made a number of statements that run contrary to the mainstream media narrative about the Capitol riot.

    “So, you take the bike to work, huh?” Acosta led in.

    “Sometimes,” Rep. Mo Brooks responded.

    “Congressman, is there any way we could get you to talk about January 6th?” Acosta persisted.

    “I do not do interviews with CNN because I do not trust CNN to be honorable or truthful,” Brooks replied.

    “Well, can I ask you, do you still believe Antifa was behind January 6th?” he asked.

    “I’ve already said what I’m going to say, I don’t trust y’all to be truthful or honest,” he repeated.

    “Well, can you tell us if you regret what you said on January 6th?” Acosta kept on.

    “I do not trust CNN to be truthful or honest, so I do no interviews with CNN,” he said.

    “Well, I’m just asking you questions,” Acosta said, not taking the hint. “Asking you fair questions here, sir.”

    “I do not trust y’all to be truthful or honest with anything CNN does,” Brooks said as he prepared to ride away.

    “It’s on video… if you could just talk to us for a moment…” Acosta continued.

    “You guys will lie through your teeth any chance you get,” Brooks added. Then he rode away.

    “Well, give you the chance to come on, if you don’t mind,” Acosta said into the void.

    Let’s briefly unpack how even Acosta’s framing of a question was dishonest. “Do you still believe Antifa was behind January 6th?” This is a strawman fallacy argument. No one is arguing only Antifa participated in the Capitol riots, just that there were Antifa agitators amongst the protesters trying to incite them.

    Acosta is disparaging the evidence that pro-Antifa radicals dressed up as Trump supporters. The Intercept has misleadingly called the claim there were such cases “thoroughly debunked.”

    One of the most prominent examples disproving this narrative is John Sullivan, who conveniently filmed the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Sullivan actually appeared on CNN and was paid by CNN.

    There are more examples. Two frequent contributors to the left-wing Young Turks program, Walter Masterson and Peter Scattini, actually posed with a fake OAN microphone (without the eagle emblem), as pointed out by OAN’s Jack Posobiec. This may not be “Antifa” activity, but that these individuals are hard-left radicals is demonstrable.

    Then there is a report from NBC that shows that at least three Antifa had shown up and one of the few weapons charges were filed against one individual.

    “One person arrested on weapons charges was not a Trump supporter,” NBC reported. “Leslie Grimes and two fellow antifa members drove to Washington from Michigan to counterdemonstrate during the Trump rally. According to one of Grimes’ friends, the group walked around for a while but returned to the car after Grimes was roughed by some Trump supporters.”

    According to CNN, such evidence that runs contrary to the Democrat’s preferred narrative simply ‘doesn’t exist.’ The GOP should thus stop acting like these outlets are legitimate fact-finding, truth-seeking bodies and treat them like the media arms of the Democratic Party.

    You do not need to be nice to them. You do not need to be respectful to hack journalists who will lie about you, demonize you as a ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ no matter what you say, and dishonestly attack you while ignoring the scandals and misdeeds of the Democratic Party.

    Why is it so difficult for Republicans to grasp that this is the way to talk to the lying mainstream media? ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN exist to push the Democratic Party’s hard left agenda. It has been that way for decades.

    This is how you should treat every question from CNN. Unfortunately, it may be two or three decades too late for the Republican Party to have finally figured it out.


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