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Crime Statistics: Black Suspects Charged for Nearly Three-Quarters of All Mass Shootings

America’s news media is understandably reluctant to report about mass shootings after two horrific incidents in March failed to fit the ‘racism’ narrative: The Boulder supermarket mass shooting and the Atlanta spa mass shootings.

On Friday night, two more mass shootings occurred. A Philadelphia mass shooting led to seven people wounded, three left in critical condition. A Virginia Beach mass shooting led to two people killed and eight people injured.

The corporate media’s lack of reporting on the incidents has been making people wonder if there is an aspect to these particular mass shootings that has caused them to go mostly ignored. It turns out there is an obvious reason: None of the suspects were white.

This leads us to the question: How many more of these “mass shootings” are going unreported and underreported because they do not fit the media’s narrative the nation is systemically racist and under imminent threat by far-right, white supremacists?

It turns out: A lot.

A database that links local news reports on mass shootings and presents mugshots of the suspects gives us an instant picture about why so many “mass shootings” are going underreported or unreported in the mass media.

This is why.

Image Credit: Mass-shootings-info

Above is an accurate, representative snapshot of some of 2020’s charged “mass shooters.”

Image Credit: Mass-shootings-info

Above is a snapshot of all of the currently known charged 2021 “mass shooters.”

According to the definition provided by the website, perpetrators of a “mass shooting” are those who carry out “the shooting of 4+ people or who died before they could be charged.” This is in accordance to the widespread acceptance of the definition of a “mass shooting.”

Each mugshot is linked to a local news report that substantiates that these indeed are the charged perpetrators of the definition of a mass shooting as reported on the appropriate date. (In two cases, additional reporting was required to confirm.)

The racial demographic breakdown of mass shooters, as corroborated by the mugshots, suspect descriptions, and local news reports is striking.

Image Credit: Mass-shootings-info

In 2020, 73% of mass shooters are described as Black; 14% are described as Latino; and 14% are described as white. There were 612 mass shootings coded in 2020.

Image Credit: Mass-shootings-info

In 2021 so far, 70% of mass shooters are described as Black; 16% are described as Latino; and 14% are described as white. There have been 105 mass shootings coded in 2021.

Most Americans are only aware of two or three mass shootings in 2021, due to the national media’s intentionally divisive narrative about America being a “racist” country. And in those cases, particularly the Boulder and Atlanta mass shootings, the media has failed to establish they were motivated by bias against racial minorities.

The statistical facts are a damning indictment of the Democratic Party’s inability to stem violence in America’s cities. They are also an indictment of the way the mainstream media misleads Americans.

Whether a mass shooter is white, Black or Latino, they are equally guilty of committing a terrible atrocity. Their victims’ lives are equally valuable and the U.S. media should treat violent crimes equally, regardless of the race of the perpetrators or the victims.


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