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Cringe: Jill Biden Introduces Kamala Harris as ‘President’ Right in Front of Joe Biden

    Jill Biden has added another notch to her belt when it comes to claims that her time as First Lady has mostly consisted of “elder abuse.”

    On Monday, Jill Biden introduced the “president” Kamala Harris right in front of Joe, as he stared off in a daze. Watch:

    “As many of, you know, our vice president’s historic path to the White House began before she could even walk, marching with her parents in the civil rights movement, or at least being pushed in a stroller since then, she has dedicated her life to pursuing justice,” Jill Biden said. “And for all, she is a partner to Joe, especially on issues like voting rights and is proud to be the first but not the last.”

    “Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the…,” she said to laughter. “The vice president of the, I just said that to make you laugh,” she claimed. “The vice president of the United States Kamala Harris.”

    This joke would only be funny if there was a president that Americans believed was actually in charge. It’s not so funny as the nation faces a Russian invasion of Europe, an illegal immigrant invasion at the southern border, rampant inflation, skyrocketing energy prices, and a militarized Washington D.C. that appears increasingly out-of-touch with the concerns of ordinary Americnas.

    Kamala Harris had her own cringeworthy moment, bragging that Americans are getting what they voted for.

    “When folks vote, they order what they want, and in this case they got what they asked for… I went off script a little bit,” she said with a cackle.

    President Joe Biden is in increasing danger of his presidency being cut short by the invocation of the 25th amendment. In addition to evidence of declining mental capacity, he has had his share of embarrassing health-related questions.

    Vice President Kamala Harris would thus be in a line of succession to take over the job of president. The former California Attorney General has been in the shadow of President Biden throughout his entire presidency.

    However, it feels as though the Biden administration has been priming the American public for her eventual accession to the presidency throughout Joe Biden’s time in office. At this occasion to the list.


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