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DeSantis Exposes Soros’ Plot to Corrupt America with ‘Total End-Run Around Our Constitutional System’

    Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday immediately dismissed a Soros-backed District Attorney for subverting the rule of law in the State of Florida.

    DeSantis has suspended and is now seeking the termination of Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren for his ‘neglect of duty’ regarding his willful disregard of lawful directives pertaining to abortion and transgender surgery.

    DeSantis joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News primetime on Thursday night to discuss the executive action and exposed how billionaire philanthropist George Soros is corrupting America with his financial support for radical district attorneys. Watch:

    “So this is kind of a big move. It seems like. Why did you do it?” Tucker asked.

    “Well, Tucker, you documented the destruction that we’ve seen with these Soros prosecutors around the country, where they basically take it upon themselves to determine which laws should be followed and which laws should not be followed,” DeSantis said.

    “And I can tell you in Florida’s constitution that constitution vests the veto power in the governor, not an individual district attorney or a state attorney where they can pick and choose,” he explained. “And so I asked my staff to review all state attorneys in the state of Florida. I wanted to see who was picking and choosing. And this is the guy that all the line prosecutors, all the law enforcement, said he thinks he can pick and choose which laws. And he actually signed letters saying he wouldn’t force laws against transgender surgeries for minors, laws protecting the right to life.”

    “Then he has all these policies in his agency that are called presumptive non-prosecution,” DeSantis went on. “No, the law is presumptively enforced. That’s not something that’s acceptable. Right? And so we there today, we made the decision. The jarring thing about it, though, Tucker, I had all these sheriffs from the area there. I had the former police chief in Tampa. There’s a lot of line prosecutors in that office that are very happy that this was done. And so we took it seriously. We did a thorough review, a and we pulled the trigger today.”

    “I mean, it’s so obviously unconstitutional,” Carlson remarked. “Legislatures make the laws, judges decide whether they’re consistent with the constitution. Prosecutors have no role in that. They don’t have the legal right, the constitutional right, to selectively enforce the law, or am I missing something?”

    “No, you’re right,” DeSantis said. “But here’s the, here’s what, what Soros is doing. It’s actually smart on his part. They can’t get these things enacted in a legislature where you’re just going to let criminals run. So what they do, he will get involved in these Democrat primaries and a Democrat area, he’ll flush a million dollars to get the radical, to win the primary. Then they usually win the general because of the party affiliation difference and the jurisdiction.”

    “So then you get them in there and what they do is they want to change the criminal justice system through non-enforcement,” DeSantis continued. “So it’s a total end run around our constitutional system. The results obviously have been destructive around the country. But it also really undermines the idea that ours is supposed to be a government of laws, not a government of individual men.”

    “Even if I agreed with the results, I would hate it ’cause it’s a subversion of democracy,” Tucker said. “And finally, someone’s doing something more than whine.”

    Gov. DeSantis fired back at critics who complained about his decision.

    “State Attorneys have a duty to enforce the law, not ignore laws they don’t like,” he wrote on Twitter. “Placing one’s personal conception of ‘social justice’ above the rule of law is a dereliction of duty.”

    On Thursday, DeSantis announced that he would be suspending Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren, whose jurisdiction is in the city of Tampa, and would seek his dismissal from the law enforcement post.

    “We are not going to allow the pathogen that’s been around the country of ignoring the law, we are not going to allow that to get a foothold here in the state of Florida,” the governor said. “We are going to make sure our laws are enforced and no individual prosecutor puts himself above the law.”

    DeSantis said that Susan Lopez will step in as the new state attorney of the 13th Judicial Circuit in the interim period.

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