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DeSantis is Blamed for Deadly Miami Building Collapse Response as WaPo Reporter Sinks to New Low

The national press is once again weaponizing a tragedy to attack Republicans, regardless of the facts or even common human decency.

The Miami building collapse is a horrific event that has killed at least nine people thus far. Dozens sadly remain missing.  The images from the terrible incident are highly traumatic, and thus, makes perfect fodder for dishonest political exploitation.

On Saturday, Washington Post national reporter Hannah Deier engaged in the utterly tasteless and predictable act of blaming a Republican governor and potential presidential candidate for a tragedy that was decades in the making.

“There’s a saying in emergency management: The first 24 hours are the only 24 hours,” Dreier wrote on Twitter. “FEMA was ready to deploy to the condo collapse almost immediately, and included the crisis in its daily briefing, but didn’t get permission from Gov. DeSantis to get on the ground for a full day.”

“The federal agency that recommended sweeping building code changes after 9/11 now has six people on the ground investigating what happened in the condo collapse, according to the latest FEMA briefing,” she continued.

The problem is that DeSantis moved expeditiously to declare a state of emergency, contrary to the narrative. It was issued well ahead of 24 hours, and it is also questionable whether the FEMA declaration was immediately necessary.

“DeSantis declared the collapse an emergency the day it happened, within an hour of the local mayor (a Democrat) doing so,” conservative media strategist Giancarlo Sopo pointed out, while producing the signed order. “There was nothing anyone could have done differently or better than the first responders on the scene within minutes. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Shame? Ha,” Arthus Schwartz responded. “This is literally what she’s paid to do — lie.”

There is another issue here with Dreier’s narrative. The potentially dangerous situation with high rise buildings in Miami has been known for decades.

“A 1990s study of land displacement in the area of the Champlain Towers South complex shows the land sank roughly 2 millimeters a year over the course of the study. Shimon Wdowinski, who co-wrote the study, said such sinking can impact buildings,” the USA Today noted.

Thus, it is an occurrence that has been developing under both Republican and Democratic governors and mayors for decades. Other citizen fact-checkers rebutted the WaPo reporter’s narrative about the incident that DeSantis was somehow to blame.

“Are you suggesting governors should instantly seek aid from FEMA for any disaster without taking even a day to survey and find out just what has happened and what assets need be called into play to fix things?” a popular anonymous account remarked. “Or are you just criticizing DeSantis in case he runs for president?”

The Democratic mayor of Dade County even rebutted the Washington Post’s narrative.

“Not only has the state of Florida been here in force (…) we’ve not lacked for any support,” the mayor said.

Another fake media narrative about Ron DeSantis. Americans should expect there will be much more of this ahead of the 2024 elections.


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