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Despite 15 Dems Announcing They’ve Got Covid, A New Poll Shows Most Americans No Longer Care

    Over 15 Democrats have announced they have tested positive for Covid in the last month. But new polling from Axios-Ipsos shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans no longer think Covid is a “crisis” anymore.

    “Less than one in 10 Americans now describe COVID-19 as a crisis — with about three in four calling it a manageable problem and one in six saying it’s no problem at all — according to the latest installment of the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index,” Axios reported on Tuesday.

    Axios claimed that the findings “matter” because: “These sentiments — and the public’s growing desire to be done with mask mandates and other restrictions — raise significant challenges for public health officials in managing new surges, and could create real political headwinds ahead of the midterms.”

    Democrats were five times as likely as Republicans to say COVID-19 is a crisis (16% to 3%),” the story added. “Meanwhile, Republicans were 10 times as likely as Democrats to say COVID-19 is not a problem (31% to 3%).”

    “Here’s another way to look at the overall numbers: About twice as large a share of Americans said COVID-19 is ‘not a problem at all’ (17%) than said it is ‘a serious crisis’ (9%),” the story notes.

    Such polling should give Democrats and public health officials serious pause about how far they can push the transparently political claim that Covid is an “emergency.” Not even the “halo effect” that would socially pressure people to say Covid was a serious problem out of fear of appearing “uncaring” was enough to push the numbers above 1 in 10 Americans.

    The Democrats’ push to make Covid a “thing” again has been accompanied by a bizarre litany of announcements that ‘Democrat X’ has Covid and they’re ‘thankful they have gotten vaxxed and boosted.’ These politicians include:

    The Democrats nonetheless continue to push inane policies like toddler masking, and required masking for airline travel. Philadelphia, inexplicably, is even reinstituting indoor masking. In March, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted that 95% of Americans already have Covid antibodies — above and beyond “herd immunity.” Thus, Covid risk to the general public is currently very low.

    The suspect timing of so many Democrats announcing they have tested positive for Covid has many believing the party will use the virus as an excuse to stem their losses in an upcoming midterm elections bloodbath. In 2020, the Democrats were able to change election laws, unlawfully in certain critical swing states, by pointing at the Covid pandemic to gain an advantage with no-excuse, mass mail-in ballots.

    The U.S.’s Covid-era election policies — mass mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, Zuckerberg boxes, private voting machine companies with little transparency — can be contrasted with France’s recent nationwide election. This was “progressive” France’s voting requirements:

    • No early voting or mail-in ballots
    • Mandatory voter ID
    • No voting machines
    • Verified results within hours

    These basic election security measures have become the enemies of Democrats who are fighting tooth-and-nail against voters holding them accountable for their damaging policies in elections.

    The Covid pandemic is “over” — it is now an endemic “common cold” virus that nearly all Americans have antibodies for. Americans no longer believe it is a “crisis.” But that won’t stop the Democrats from making it a “crisis” with their lawless, inhumane and destructive policies.


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