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Dominion Voting System’s Website Goes Offline Right After Tucker’s Report & AZ Audit Findings

    Dominion Voting Systems’ official website appears to have gone offine, only to have returned with password authentication. returned with a password needed to proceed to the website. DiscloseTV originally reported the website going off-line.

    The timing of the password procedure being installed is odd, to say the least.

    It follows Tucker Carlson’s bombshell report on Fulton County, Georgia that shows the voter integrity group VoterGA revealing thousands of votes appeared to have been erroneously marked in ballot tallies for Joe Biden.

    “At least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double-counted in Fulton County, that is a total of at least 4,000 votes,” he said. Watch:

    Then Tucker discussed the instances of double-ballots in the election. Tucker Carlson then discusses the “seven falsified” audit tally sheets discovered by VoterGA.

    “How is that not flat-out criminal fraud?” Tucker asked. “We’d love to know. Because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.”

    As reported earlier, an independent election audit team poured through ballot images in Fulton County, Georgia and found numerous examples of fraudulent ballots double-counted in the election.

    In Arizona, auditors of Maricopa County’s election in 2020 revealed numerous disturbing preliminary findings.

    The auditors’ update showed 74,000 absentee ballots lacked documentation, thousands of ballots were duplicated without proper documentation, and most shockingly, over 11,000 voters were not on the November election voter rolls, but showed up later on the December voter rolls.

    As a reminder, Donald Trump lost Arizona to Joe Biden by 10,457 votes, or merely 0.3 percent of the state’s certified count. Trump lost Georgia by 12,284 votes, or merely 0.2 percent of the certified count.

    Dominion Voting Systems is used in Maricopa County, Arizona and throughout the State of Georgia. It is unknown why the voting systems company put a password on its website.


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