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Don Lemon’s Final Message on CNN Primetime: ‘You Had My Back’ When Trump and Racists Attacked Me

Don Lemon, in his final show on CNN primetime, did what he did best when discussing his time on air: Blame Trump and racists.

“You had my back when conservatives attacked me,” Lemon said in an address to his CNN colleagues. “You had my back when liberals attacked me. You had my back when racists attacked — you had my back. And speaking of when the former president sent armies of bigots and people who threatened my life after me, you had my back as well.”

“Our lives changed together in both good and unfortunate ways,” he added. “We celebrated the birth of new Don Lemon Tonight family members. And sadly, we saw the deaths of close friends and dear loved ones.”

The CNN host also took time in his farewell address to tout the alleged benefits of masks.

“I am eternally grateful to all of you,” he said. “I want to thank you the loyal viewers who sent me masks during Covid cards and letters of condolences and inspiration, Christmas cards, so many, many gifts and presence over the years. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, even sending me food.”

Lemon is switching to a new timeslot,  joining CNN’s morning show as a co-anchor alongside Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow.

“Not goodbye, but certainly the end of an era as we sign off this last broadcast of Don Lemon Tonight, more than eight years, thousands of hours of live TV, historic moments and tough conversations,” Lemon said. “A lot happened between 10 and midnight, or later.”

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