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Trump Destroys Biden in 2024 Re-Match, While Republicans Strongest Heading Into Midterms in 40 Years

Donald Trump was supposed to be vanquished after the 2020 “soft coup,” the January 6 set-up, two impeachment hoaxes, and the Deep State throwing its entire kitchen sink at the former president.

Joe Biden, we are told, attained a miraculous 81 million votes by running a no-show campaign, but since has run a disastrous ‘presidency’ where every day seems to be worse than the last.

Biden’s support has unsurprisingly tanked fastest in the “swing states” we are told he narrowly won. Meanwhile, former President Trump leads President Biden by 11 points in a head-to-head matchup in the early caucus state of Iowa, according to a new poll.

The new survey from Selzer & Co and the Des Moines Register/Mediacom, found that 51 percent of likely Iowa voters wouuld support Donald Trump in the 2024 election if he ran against Biden. Only 40 percent said they would support the current president.

While Trump won Iowa in 2020 by 8 points, the increasing strength of Trump as a viable candidate defies the media’s constant negative reporting on the former president, as well as massive Big Tech censorship of the former president.

Independents in the Hawkeye State are breaking Republican over Democrats by a current margin of 45 to 37 percent. This echoes a trend that is taking hold nationwide, as a new survey shows the Republicans going into the 2022 midterms in the strongest position in forty years.

“An ABC News/Washington Post poll published Sunday found if midterm elections were held now, 51 percent of all registered voters say they would vote for a Republican in their congressional district, as opposed to 41 percent who said they would go with a Democrat,” the Hill reported.

“That figure represents the largest lead for the GOP in the 110 polls conducted by the two news organizations since 1981,” the Hill said. “It also represents only the second time since 1981 Republicans have held a statistical advantage in that category.”

One of the main trends taking place in the United States is that the suburbs are turning hard against Biden and the Democratic Party. The Morning Consult in a November piece chronicles the reversal of fortune.

“In the average state, 44 percent of suburban voters approved of Biden’s job performance in the third quarter of his presidency, down 6 percentage points since his first three months in office, while the share who disapproved increased 8 points to 52 percent,” the Morning Consult said. “Taken together, this marks a 14-point decline in Biden’s net approval rating in the suburbs that helped deliver Democratic victories over the past four years, from Virginia’s governorship in 2017 to the two Senate runoffs in Georgia early this year.”

“Some of the largest drops in Biden’s suburban support came in Georgia, as well as Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania — all of which feature prominently in the pending races to control the Senate or House,” the article added.

It is increasingly looking like it will be a bloodbath for Democrats at the midterms, as if the November elections weren’t big enough signs. And the 2024 race is setting up to be a rout, whether it is Donald Trump or another Republican on the presidential ticket.


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