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Donald Trump Hints About 2024 Presidential Run Amid Surging Support

    Donald Trump hinted about his consideration about running in the 2024 presidential election.

    “It’s too early to say, but I see a lot of great polls out there. We have tremendous support,” Trump said Wednesday in an interview with Newsmax TV.

    “I won’t say yet [if I’m running again], but I have tremendous support, and I’m looking at poll numbers that are through the roof,” he continued. “I’m the only guy who gets impeached and my numbers go up.”

    Trump’s approval has gone up following his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial. Politico/Morning Consult reported a poll on Monday:

    While Trump’s overall favorability rating is an abysmal 34% in our latest poll, 81% of Republican respondents gave him positive marks. Trump was at 77% approval among Republicans on Jan. 7 and 74% on Jan. 25.

    The most important nugget is that Trump’s numbers are surging among the party faithful:

    Fifty-nine percent of Republican voters said they want Trump to play a major role in their party going forward. That’s up 18 percentage points from a Morning Consult poll conducted on Jan. 7, and an increase of 9 points from a follow-up poll on Jan. 25, before the impeachment trial began.

    Critically, Trump’s support eclipses most of his potential Republican presidential rivals:

    Though the 2024 primary is still far off — who knows what will happen with Trump three months from now, let alone in three years? — he currently swamps any potential rival. Fifty-three percent of Republicans said they would vote for Trump if the primary were held today.

    All the other Republican hopefuls are polling in the low single digits, besides Mike Pence, who received 12 percent. Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Mitt Romney, Kristi Noem, Larry Hogan, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Tim Scott and Rick Scott all polled below 5%. Only Donald Trump Jr. and Nikki Haley punched through at 6%.

    A Politico reporter tweeted the list of those polled:

    One name that is not on that list: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose name has gotten some buzz for a potential 2024 run.

    If Donald Trump’s recent behavior is any indication, the former president is feeling stronger than ever and ready to push forward with a major role in U.S. politics.

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