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Donald Trump is ‘the Leader of the Country’: Blue Line CEO Slams Biden for Ignoring East Palestine

Blue Line CEO John Rourke had strong words for President Joe Biden, who is overseas escalating the odds of war in Europe, while former President Donald Trump is taking care of the ‘forgotten people’ of East Palestine, Ohio, who are still coping with the ecological disaster to their community ensuing from a Norfolk Southern train derailment on February 3.

Rourke appeared as a guest on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he talked about being ‘moved to tears‘ by Trump’s visit. He also slammed Joe Biden for his failed leadership. Watch:

“So, as we said, the Biden administration has effectively done nothing to respond to an actual environmental disaster,’ Tucker said. “Donald Trump, by contrast, visited the town today and he bought a lot of McDonald’s for cleanup crews and for firemen. He handed out bottled water, including Trump Water. Trump also thanked John Rourke of the Blue Line Moving company for bringing water to people who live there.””What, what did you see there?” Tucker asked. “I’m embarrassed that we have not been there, but what was your impression of what’s happening in East Palestine?”

“My impression, Tucker, thanks for having me on, is that of course the folks there are a whole lot more motivated than they were at this time yesterday,” Rourke said. “And that’s a fact. The fact that President Biden has refused to come to this small town when he’s supposed to be Scranton Joe, a small town hero of the working man, and he can’t even show his face in a town of American citizens that need his leadership, that need the government’s help terribly.”

“And he proved what everybody I think already knew in this country is that he’s not the leader for this country,” he added. “And that Donald J. Trump is the leader that we all know he is, and he is the leader of this country. And he proved that today. That was leadership that I saw today. I saw people standing on the streets screaming for this man chanting ‘USA, USA.’ I mean, it just gives me goosebumps. And, and to have President Trump personally thank me, I mean, it almost brought me to tears, man. To be honest. you know, I’m just a humble guy. I’m a working man family man. And to be able to, you know, have someone like him thank me personally was a big deal for me in my family.”

But Rourke had more than praise for Donald Trump and condemnation for Joe Biden’s absence from the disaster scene. He put the East Palestine situation in poignant perspective.

“These people need help,” he said. “Okay. Well, we’re putting illegal aliens in hotels in five star accommodations in New York City, and the people of East Palestine can’t even get a real hotel to stay in for a significant amount of time or some real money that they can actually go maybe and get their own VRBO or something like that. Somewhere where they can actually take a month and get away from the town and get away from breathing in that nasty air and having to see hundreds of workers. Every river, every tributary has hoses in it, aerators in it, and they’re spraying water into these rivers and who knows where the water’s coming from.”

“People don’t have any idea what the hell is going on in their town right now. Yeah. In East Palestine, they have no idea. And that’s because of people like Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden. They literally have no idea what they’re doing. And that’s why they’re not there because someone will, will call them out and that’s what they’re afraid of.”

“Those guys are very lucky that rural America’s peaceful and law-abiding,” Tucker said. “They really are. Unlike a lot of cities — they wouldn’t put up with this for one second.”

On Thursday, Pete Buttigieg was finally shamed by Donald Trump into visiting East Palestine, Ohio. He came in quietly around dawn, toured the site, and appears to be ducking town before the angry MAGA contingent can confront him over the job he has done managing the ecological disaster thus far.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered Norfolk Southern to clean up and pay for the cleanup costs of its train derailment and toxic chemical spill fallout.


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