Rob Roos, a Dutch MEP who gained notoriety for exposing Pfizer, is sounding the alarms about the European Parliament and Member States forging an agreement to force all citizens to use digital identity verification.

“Breaking: Very bad news,” Roos posted on X. “The European Parliament and Member States just reached an agreement on introducing the Digital Identity, #eID.”

“Directly afterwards, #EU Commissioner Breton said: ‘Now that we have a Digital Identity Wallet, we have to put something in it…’, suggesting a connection between #CBDC and eID,” Roos added, referring to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

“They ignored all the privacy experts and security specialists,” he continued. “They’re pushing it all through. I am not optimistic. But it is not too late yet. Parliament still has to vote about this. Let your MEP know that you oppose the Digital Identity and that you want your MEP to vote against it!”

The Council of the European Union made the announcement in a press release.

She did not bother to clarify how digital identification has anything to do with “democratic rights and values.” She did, however, expand on how the digital identification will be used to control citizens and privacy issues.

“The revised regulation constitutes a clear paradigm shift for digital identity in Europe aiming to ensure universal access for people and businesses to secure and trustworthy electronic identification and authentication,” she said.

“Under the new law, member states will offer citizens and businesses digital wallets that will be able to link their national digital identities with proof of other personal attributes (e.g., driving licence, diplomas, bank account),” she continued. “Citizens will be able to prove their identity and share electronic documents from their digital wallets with a click of a button on their mobile phone.”

“The new European digital identity wallets will enable all Europeans to access online services with their national digital identification, which will be recognised throughout Europe, without having to use private identification methods or unnecessarily sharing personal data,” she claimed. “User control ensures that only information that needs to be shared will be shared.”

Nadia Calviño, acting Spanish first vice-president and minister for economy and digitalisation, commented on the development.

“With the approval of the European digital identity regulation, we are taking a fundamental step so that citizens can have a unique and secure European digital identity,” she said. “This is a key advance for the European Union to be a global reference in the digital field, protecting our democratic rights and values.”

However soothing the sound of bureaucratic doublespeak out of Brussels, many people are rightly asking questions.

One commenter, Shaun Kaven, brought up the recently revealed blueprint for the Bank of International Settlements to move the world towards CBDCs and “tokenization” of all assets.

“It’s way worse than you think, Rob. I’d strongly encourage everyone to read the plan written by the BIS (Bank of International Settlement – basically, the Central Banks’ bank)…” he wrote.

“It’s long and tedious but I’ll give you the cliff notes,” he continued. “They want to create a CENTRAL LEDGER for CBDCs. That you already knew. But there’s something else much more insidious. They have a plan to tokenize ALL assets. When they roll this out, every asset in the country over a certain value must be tokenized and put onto the central ledger, or it will be forfeited to the government.”

“Oh, you thought you could escape the dollar collapse by buying properties? Nope. It’ll be tokenized and put on the ledger, and according to this document there will be rules for what you can do with it, how you can sell or buy, etc.,” he added.

“But I have gold and silver reserves. Another nope. They have to be tokenized too. If you don’t tokenize them, and the feds find them, you have to hand them over,” he claimed. “Now, I know a lot of you will say that you’ll defend your property and precious metals with your weapons but good luck against 50 ATF agents. That’s not the way to stop this. It needs to be stopped before it passes!”

The digital identification and CBDCs are hot button issues that many claim are fueling “conspiracy theories.” But if they’re “conspiracy theories,” how come we can see their plans in plain sight?


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