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You Know It’s Bad at the CDC When Even Comedy Central is Making Jokes About Its Covid Response

The Centers for Disease Control has lost so much of the public trust that even Comedy Central is making fun of its Covid pandemic response. Don’t believe it? Watch:

“Alright, let’s kick things off with the Centers for Disease control, the government agency that spent the first two years of the pandemic saying, “Aah! We’re all going to get Covid,” Noah said. “And the last six months, like we’re all going to get Covid, chill.”

“If you’re one of those who thinks the CDC has handled the pandemic badly, it turns out the CDC agrees with you,” the clip said.

“This morning, the CDC Director promising a major overhaul after a scathing, internally-initiated review, found the agency repeatedly botched its response to the pandemic,” the report added. “In a statement, Dr. Rochelle Walensky putting it bluntly: “Our performance did not reliably meet expectations,” Walensky herself calling for that review. It found the CDC’s recommendations throughout the crisis, from masking to vaccines, confusing and overwhelming.

“Uh-oh! I guess the CDC finally check their Twitter mentions,” Noah joked.

“But she’s right, the CDC really dropped the ball,” he added. “People depended on them for clear advice, and when they didn’t get it they started looking elsewhere for answers. Say what you want about Goop — their advice was consistent. Yes, the advice was to buy a $4,000 crystal butt plug, but it was consistent.”

“The CDC was all over the place: Don’t wear masks. Do wear masks. Don’t, we need them. Any mask. Even cloth. Cloth is worst. What are you doing? You have Covid, stay inside for 10 days. No five days, the point is, trust the science!” he said.

“Now, if we had more time we could talk about whether or not the CDC. learned the right lessons from Covid for the next outbreak— not the next outbreak, because that’s monkeypox, and they are messing up,” he remarked.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s ‘mea culpa’ that her agency botched the Covid response follows upon a drastic change in guidelines that even bolster legal challenges.

“A range of recommended COVID-19 mitigations, some going back to the early pandemic, were stripped from CDC guidance Thursday, throwing K-12 and college COVID plans nationwide into disarray on the eve of a new academic year and potentially bolstering ongoing legal challenges to mandates,” Just the News reported.

“The abandoned CDC recommendations include: testing and quarantine for asymptomatic COVID-19 infectees and close contacts, the six-foot rule, and preferential treatment for vaccinated people, especially those who are ‘up to date’ on shots,” the report added.

The new guidelines look very much like those implemented in once-pariah red states like Florida and Texas, which performed comparably to blue states that implemented draconian measures throughout the entire pandemic.


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