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Whoops! Maximum Cringe Ensues When KJP Accidentally Reads WRONG Script at Press Conference

    In the already dismal career of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, today she might have experienced her most embarassing moment of all. And not just for her — for the entire White House “Press” Corpse.

    When asked a question about the Democratic Party primaries, she proceeded to thumb through that godawful folder of hers, only to come up with the wrong answer. Watch:

    “Senator [Jeanne] Shaheen (D-NH) has a statement,” the reporter said. “She’s apparently not coming to the ball tonight. She’s upset that the president endorsed a proposal to put South Carolina in New Hampshire, and she says that New Hampshire is now vulnerable for her party. which does the president have a response to that?”

    “So, look we honor we honor the Hatch Act,” KJP nonsensically replied. “As I, as I mentioned many times before here as we are talking about a potential election in 2020 for presidential election. But looking backward, it is the ultimate irony, you know that the 2020 election was, was, was proven by the Trump administration’s homeland.”

    “Oh, sorry, I think I got ahead of myself there,” she said. [Awkward silence ensues.] “We take the law very seriously here. and so that’s the number one thing. And again, I want to be very careful because of 2024 and it places strict limits on what I can say, because of the Hatch Act about future elections and of course, political party processes. I know I was asked this question many times before about the DNC and so I’ve always referred folks to go to the DNC, but again, as a candidate in 2020…”

    “And as we have heard the night of New Hampshire primary, Joe Biden was very clear, that to him, respecting our diversity as a nation and breaking down barriers for our people is a fundamental principle. and and so he believes that what Democrats and Office stand for, and he has upheld that principle as President,” she said, finally addressing the question. “And so, again, you’ve seen him do that throughout his almost two years in administration, making sure that we see the diversity within his administration that is represented clearly across, across the country, and he wants to honor those values. And so that’s as far as I’m gonna get from here about the specific calendar. again, don’t wanna get into pol-pol-politics as it relates to political parties.”

    Karine Jean-Pierre might want to stop talking about “diversity” or people might think that she wasn’t selected for her White House Press Secretary job based on her credentials.


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