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Watch: CNN Warning to Biden After FBI Trump Raid It Would ‘Backfire” Perfectly Predicted the ‘Nuclear Hoax’

    The Washington Post’s ‘bombshell’ report on Thursday night that the FBI raided Donald Trump because he was suspected of having taken classified nuclear weapons documents to his Mar-A-Lago home struck many Americans as a bolt-from-the-blue.

    But a CNN segment on Tuesday warning the Biden administration the raid could ‘backfire’ perfectly predicted the FBI’s conveniently timed cover story. Watch:

    “Look, we understand the DOJ has information they need to uphold,” CNN political commentator Alice Stewart said. “But it’s really hard to look at what happened yesterday as anything short of an overreach by the federal authorities and potential political persecution.”

    “And many are saying, and I’ve talked to a lot of folks up and down the political spectrum, doing such a raid to this magnitude, a search to this extreme,” she continued, “anything short of finding the nuclear codes at Mar-a-Lago is going to hugely backfire on the Biden administration.”

    There you have it: “Anything short of finding the nuclear codes at Mar-a-Lago is going to hugely backfire on the Biden administration.”

    This political observation was noted by an unlikely source: Left-wing activist organization Media Matters.

    But CNN is not alone in  predicting this far-fetched accusation against a former president: Hillary Clinton herself hinted at it in 2016.

    “Donald Trump is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes,” Clinton said.

    On Friday, Donald Trump unloaded on the Nuclear Hoax and hinted the FBI may have ‘planted information.’

    “Nuclear weapons issue is a Hoax, just like Russia, Russia, Russia was a Hoax, two Impeachments were a Hoax, the Mueller investigation was a Hoax, and much more,” Trump said on his social media post. “Same sleazy people involved. Why wouldn’t the FBI allow the inspection of areas at Mar-a-Lago with our lawyer’s, or others, present. Made them wait outside in the heat, wouldn’t let them get even close – said “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” Planting information anyone? Reminds me of a Christopher Steele Dossier!”

    The Steele dossier was a Clinton opposition research dump funneled through an ex-British spy who weaponized bar room gossip and Russian disinformation to accuse Donald Trump of treason during a political campaign. The Steele dossier was used in part to justify illegal and unprecedented campaign surveillance with fraudulent FISA warrant applications.

    In a report from the Daily Mail, Eric Trump said that the security cameras at Mar-a-Lago captured FBI agents “behaving improperly” during the raid. The former president’s son alleged that agents were accessing parts of the estate they “shouldn’t have been.”

    Many are now arguing that former President Donald Trump should release the security footage of the FBI agents. If the agents ‘planted information’ or engaged in improper behavior, there is a chance that it was all caught on tape.

    That would be a real ‘nuclear bombshell’ before the midterm elections. The FBI raid truly will have ‘backfired’ spectacularly.

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