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Elon Musk’s Dad Reveals ‘Dirty Family Secret’ About His Love Child with Stepdaughter

    Elon Musk’s family is doing its best to repopulate the earth. But his 76-year-old father has just revealed that his herculean efforts may have crossed the line.

    Elon’s father Errol claims that the septuagenarian has fathered a secret love child with his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout. She was born on March 11, 1988 and would be 34 today.

    “It emerged in 2018 that Errol had baby Elliot Rush, nicknamed ‘Rushi’ and now five, with Jana, who is 41 years his junior and he had raised since she was four,” The Sun reported after an interview with Errol Musk.

    “Tech CEO Elon was reported to have gone ‘berserk’ when he found out his South African engineer dad was having a child with Jana, who lived with him while growing up,” the report added, noting that Errol was married to Jana’s mother Heide for 18 years and had two children together.

    “I haven’t checked her DNA. But she looks just like my other daughters. She looks like Rose and Tosca mixed up,” Errol Musk said. “She looks exactly like Rushi and she behaves like him. So it’s pretty obvious you know.”


    “She wasn’t planned,” he added. “But I mean, we were living together. She [Jana] stayed here for about 18 months after Rushi was born.”

    “But I realised she’s two generations behind whereas her mother was one generation behind when I married her,” he continued.

    “So any man who marries a woman, even if you feel very sprightly, it’s going to be nice for a while,” he added. “But there’s a big gap… And that gap is going to show itself.

    “I married her mother when she was 25 and I was 45,” he said. “She was probably one of the best looking woman I’ve ever seen in my life.”

    Errol confirmed he no longer lives with Jana but said they “have a lot of affection for each other.”

    “But the thing is it’s not practical,” he added. “She’s 35 next birthday. So she’s getting on. So eventually if I’m still around she might wind up back with me. It’s difficult.”

    As for having more children, Errol said: “The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce.”

    Elon Musk may feel the same way, but clearly his father has crossed a red line. It goes to show there are a lot of ‘dirty family secrets’ in these powerful billionaire families. Add the Musks to the growing list.


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