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Eric Swalwell Smears GOP: Republicans are ‘Rolling with the Cop Killers’ by Refusing to Back Dems’ Partisan Jan. 6 Probe

Eric Swalwell was full of hot air once again as he smeared the Republican Party over refusing to back Speaker Pelosi’s Jan. 6 “star chamber.” The suspected Chinese asset lied about the protesters and extremists that day having killed any Capitol Police officer.

Officer Brian Sicknick was determined by a medical examiner to have died of “natural causes,” not that this is stopping low-lifes like Eric Swalwell, or even President Joe Biden, from clinging desperately to their false narrative.

On Friday, Swalwell was invited on MSNBC for some reason to give his slanted opinion about American politics with little or no critical pushback. But first, Swalwell had to weigh in on the news that Rudy Giuliani had his law license suspended in New York in a clear act of political retaliation.

“Its ruling effectively bans Giuliani temporarily from practicing law in the state and he now faces permanent disbarment,” Nicolle Wallace said. “Joining our conversation, Congressman Eric Swalwell, Democrat from California, he served as an impeachment manager for the second impeachment trial of the ex-president. Congressman, first your reaction to Speaker Pelosi’s announcement today. Good idea?”

“Yes, Nicolle. You know, it’s not what we wanted,” he said. “We wanted an independent bipartisan commission, but it’s what we need to do when Republican senators are not willing to really show unity as an antidote to what happened on the 6th.”

“So we’re going to find out who financed all of the outreach to the insurrectionists who showed up, what was Donald Trump doing as he learned that this was happening, why wasn’t the Guard there?” Swalwell rhetorically asked.

The California Congressman is feigning like he doesn’t know Donald Trump requested at least 10,000 troops be at the Capitol, but an effective “stand down” order was issued above the head of the National Guard commander. Many suspect that Nancy Pelosi had a hand in the decision to hamstring the Guard members and keep them from doing their duty.

“We’ll find out all of that now,” Swalwell continued. “But, again, it didn’t have to be this way. But right now you see the Republican Party that is rolling with the cop killers and not standing with the cops. So it will be incumbent on this committee to find out what happened.”

“You are standing with Officer Fanone in his efforts to get a face-to-face meeting with Kevin McCarthy. Where does that stand?” Wallace said without even batting an eye at Swalwell’s unfounded smear.

“Actually, I was just texting with Officer Fanone,” he said. “He put in another scheduling request, he’s put in so many requests now, and he told me he sent that again this morning and he said it feels like Groundhog Day because he just wants to meet with Kevin McCarthy. He thinks it would be easier to meet with Kevin McCarthy than the 21 individual meetings he would have to take with the people who voted against giving police a gold medal.”

“He thought McCarthy is the leader of the party,” he continued. “If he could convey to McCarthy what happened that day, maybe McCarthy could talk every member into supporting a gold medal to honor those officers. McCarthy, of course, has refused to do that. Look, this is not about politics. Officer Fanone and so many others put their lives in front of ours so that Kevin McCarthy could go to a secure, safe location pn January 6. We owe it to them to look them in the eye and give them our thanks.”

“What do you think Kevin McCarthy will do if subpoenaed by the select committee investigating the insurrection?” Wallace asked.

“Be a weasel,” Swalwell responded in a clear act of projection. “That’s what he always does, Nicolle. We considered this during impeachment. We had learned that McCarthy had a sense of what Donald Trump’s state of mind was on January 6 when Donald Trump was complaining to McCarthy that McCarthy didn’t do enough to defend him when McCarthy wanted Trump to call off the mob, but McCarthy wasn’t waving his hands saying, ‘I’m going to come in and help you understand.’ He flipped from what he said in the days after January 6, condemning Donald Trump, to going down to hanging out with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. So, yeah, he’s going to be a weasel. And so it’s important to really find out from other witnesses around him, who may be more forthcoming, just exactly what Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump knew.”


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