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European MP Exposes Pfizer Exec Who Confessed to Covid Vaccine Fraud: ‘It Has Now Proven to Be a Big Lie’

Dutch Member of Parliament Rob Roos has garnered international attention for revealing a bombshell admission by a Pfizer executive that the vaccines were allegedly never tested for stopping transmission.

Roos exposed Janine Small, president of international developed markets at Pfizer, in a European parliamentary Covid hearing. Her testimony further proves that there was never any valid evidence that the mRNA shots stopped the spread, even as governments around the world used false claims to the contrary as a basis for implementing Covid vaccine passports, which violate basic human rights, such as the right to bodily autonomy, the right to privacy, and freedom of movement.

Tucker Carlson Tonight interviewed Roose, where he revealed to the primetime American viewing audience what the revelations mean for Covid policy accountability.

“Did you know the answer to that question when you asked it?” Tucker asked. “And were you shocked by what she said?”

“It really was a special moment,” Roos said. “For the first time, Pfizer admitted the vaccine was not tested on stopping the transmission of the virus when it entered the market.”

“This has massive implications,” he continued. “Governments pushed millions of people worldwide to get vaccinated by telling them, telling you, to do it for your grandmother. Perfectly healthy young people [compelled] into taking this jab using false arguments. They used big words such as ‘antisocial’ to solve an immense hatred against people who refused to comply with the government’s wishes.”

“Even worse, many governments including mine actually introduced so-called Covid passports,” he continued. “These passports made access to parts of society conditional. Those who do not wish to get vaccinated lost their access, not being able to visit a restaurant or a gym, all in the name of public health.”

“Our government loves to talk about institutional discrimination,” Roos added. “But this was real institutional discrimination. In many countries, like the U.S. And Italy, vaccine mandates were introduced for certain professions. Many people lost their job, their livelihood, their business because they stood by their principles. Austria even had a locked down for the unvaccinated because of this reason. The government literally imprisoned people within their own homes. All of this was based on the idea that vaccination helped prevent the spread of the virus. Otherwise why should people [be] out of society?”

“This has now proven to be a big lie,” he said. “Even the president – for international development market of Pfizer admits there was no scientific basis to say vaccination would stop the transmission of the virus. And I find this one of the biggest scandals of our time. The politicians responsible for this will be angry that people are looking back at this time, but I won’t forget what they did to millions of people, and if we are a democracy, we should have accountability, and that’s what I’m calling for.”

“Yes,” Tucker agreed. “By the way, Pfizer knew this, none of its executives bothered to correct these politicians, and yet no Pfizer executive has been charged with the crime they committed, which is pretty unbelievable.”

This is what I have been arguing for all along: Pfizer-BioNTech to be prosecuted for fraud. This would nullify its liability protection and allow the American people to finally bring a class action lawsuit against the companies.


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