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Dr. Fauci Claims He Was ‘Completely, Totally, a Hundred Percent Honest About Everything’ Regarding Covid

    Dr. Anthony Fauci is trying to get out ahead of coming House and Senate hearings that will undoubtedly expose the top Covid doc to far more scrutiny than he got while in office.

    Fauci was the subject of a softball interview on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, where he was asked point-blank about the Wuhan lab leak theory. Watch:

    “You know, I mentioned the Wuhan lab thing,” Cavuto said. “A lot of people going back to that right now, and whether this was created in the lab. You’ve heard this back-and-forth a good deal. First, you didn’t seem to be open to the possibility it could, but there was, you know, America money going into this, including that you oversaw. So you did have a role in that. This is coming from people who say that you, you are not being honest on that. What do you say?”

    “I’ve been completely, totally, a hundred percent honest about everything,” Fauci claimed. “There was a sub-award grant of 125-to-$130,000 a year from the NIH to do surveillance studies in humans and in bats in China. For somebody to construe that that led to SARS-CoV-2, anybody that knows anything about the molecular virology of viruses and looks at the viruses that were involved within the auspices of that small NIH grant, that it would be impossible for those viruses to turn into SARS-CoV-2 even if somebody tried to do it.”

    “So there’s an inappropriate conflation of things there,” he added. “Then there’s the other issue. Could there have been a lab leak? We keep open all possibilities, but if you look at the accumulating evidence from very well respected evolutionary virologists published in peer-reviewed journals, the evidence very strongly, very strongly points to this being a natural occurrence of a jump from an animal species to a human.”

    “Does that mean we rule out every other possibility?” he continued. “Of course not. We keep an open mind to all possibilities, even though the weight of evidence points much more towards another. I’ve said that right from the beginning, Neil.”

    “So any, any misconstruing of that is just really nonsense, and that’s the reason why I have no trouble defending everything we’ve said and everything we’ve done,” he said.

    The “nonsense” here is coming directly from Dr. Fauci. The preponderence of evidence now points to SARS-CoV-2 being a manmade virus.

    Princeton researcher Alex Washburne announced the pre-print publication of a study that has persuaded some of the top experts in the world that SARS-CoV-2 appears to be manmade.

    “Endonuclease fingerprint indicates a synthetic origin of SARS-CoV-2,” Washburne said about the study.

    “We examined whether SARS-CoV-2 was synthesized in a lab,” he continued. “We studied a common method for synthesizing CoVs in the lab. This method was thought to not leave a fingerprint. We found the fingerprint. That fingerprint is in the SARS-CoV-2 genome.”

    Thus, Fauci was mistaken when he stated that one could not make SARS-CoV-2 in a lab “even if somebody tried to do it.”

    Furthermore, a whistleblower who worked at EcoHealth Alliance, which Fauci funded, and who had firsthand knowledge of the Wuhan laboratory in Chinahas come forward with firsthand testimony that COVID was a ‘man-made virus’ that leaked from the facility.

    “Dr Andrew Huff, former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, claims to have had a ringside seat to what he brands one of the greatest cover-ups in history – and the ‘biggest US intelligence failure since 9/11’,” the Sun Times reported.

    “In his new book – The Truth About Wuhan – whistleblower Dr Huff claims the pandemic was the result of the US government’s funding of dangerous genetic engineering of coronaviruses in China,” the Times notes. “The epidemiologist said China’s gain-of-function experiments – carried out with shoddy biosecurity – led to a lab leak at the US-funded Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

    “EcoHealth Alliance and foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management, ultimately resulting in the lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” he said in his book.

    Dr. Huff worked at EcoHealth Alliance from 2014 to 2016 and served as vice president from 2015. He worked on the classified side of the research program as a U.S. government scientist. He revealed that EcoHealth Alliance taught the Wuhan lab the “best existing methods to engineer bat coronaviruses to attack other species.” He also claimed “China knew from day one that this was a genetically engineered agent.”

    “The US government is to blame for the transfer of dangerous biotechnology to the Chinese,” he said. “I was terrified by what I saw. We were just handing them bioweapon technology,” he added.

    Senator Rand Paul has promised to hold Dr. Fauci accountable for his funding of the Wuhan lab and misleading the Congress about it.

    “Fauci’s resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic,” Dr. Paul said on Twitter in August. “He will be asked to testify under oath regarding any discussions he participated in concerning the lab leak.”

    As for Fauci’s claim “I’ve been completely, totally, a hundred percent honest about everything,” let’s take a quick watch of this video by my friend @MazeMoore to see if that’s accurate.

    “The biggest purveyor of untruths right now in public health is Dr. Fauci,” Rand Paul has argued.

    If there is any justice in this world, Dr. Fauci will be held fully accountable for the untruths he spread during the Covid pandemic.


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