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Federal Court Dismisses FBI ‘Entrapment’ Defense in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Retrial, Gives Alleged Ringleader is a 16-Year Sentence

    Adam Fox was sentenced Tuesday to 16 years in prison for his lead role in a 2020 plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to NBC News.

    A retrial jury found Fox guilty in August of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and possession of a weapon of mass destruction, also convicting Barry Croft Jr. of those charges and possession of an unregistered destructive device. The prosecution had lobbied for Fox to receive a life prison sentence, according to NBC News.

    Croft’s sentencing has been scheduled for Wednesday, Reuters reported. He and Fox’s lawyers had claimed the FBI entrapped them, while two other men were acquitted in their initial trial in April after arguing the FBI had used improper tactics and engaged in other unprofessional behavior, The Associated Press reported.


    For instance, FBI Special Agent Christopher Long testified at the retrial that FBI informant Jenny Plunk shared a hotel room with Croft in July 2020, and she and informant Steve Robeson allegedly smoked weed with him, according to the Detroit Free Press.

    Paul Bellar, Pete Musico and Joe Morrison, members of the paramilitary group the Wolverine Watchmen, were respectively sentenced earlier this month to seven years, 12 years and ten years imprisonment for helping with the plot, the AP reported. Kaleb Franks and Ty Garbin, two men who had been indicted for their role in the scheme, testified against Fox and Croft after pleading guilty in connection with the plot, according to Fox 17.

    An attorney for Fox did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

    Post written by X. Republished with permission from DCNF. Images via Becker News.

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