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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blocks Introduction of Federal Digital Currency, Bans Tracking Gun Owners

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a firm stance against the implementation of a “digital dollar” as a replacement for traditional currency in Florida. This week, DeSantis signed legislation into law that explicitly prohibits the introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) within the state.

The move comes in response to Democrat President Joe Biden’s persistent advocacy for the federal reserve to adopt “digital cash” as a means of currency. However, concerns have been raised that a government-controlled CBDC could potentially enable invasive tracking and control of individuals’ personal spending by federal authorities.

The governor’s office disclosed that the newly enacted law effectively blocks the federal government from utilizing CBDC by excluding it from the definition of money within Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code. In addition, the legislation prohibits the adoption of foreign-issued CBDC, citing the need to safeguard consumers against globalist initiatives aimed at establishing a universal digital currency.

“The government and large credit card companies should not have the power to shut off access to your hard-earned money because they disagree with your politics,” DeSantis said in a statement.

“Biden’s Central Bank Digital Currency aims to increase government control over people’s finances, and we will not allow it,” he said.  “In Florida, we value personal freedom and won’t allow self-interested elites to chip away at our liberty.”

DeSantis called on the Florida-led 20-state coalition against “woke” Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to follow his lead by banning CBDC in their states.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis warned against Biden’s attempt to implement a federally-controlled Central Bank Digital Currency.

The radical Left will make sure a digital dollar is “weaponized” against opponents, Patronis argued.

“It’s just another way for Floridians to have their vital financial information surveilled and controlled by the federal government,” he added.

In another significant move, Governor DeSantis also signed a separate bill into law that targets credit card companies and their use of firearm-specific Merchant Category Codes. This legislation not only bans the use of such codes but also imposes fines on companies found in violation of Florida’s consumer protections, which aim to prevent the creation of gun owner registries.

Governor DeSantis’ actions highlight his commitment to safeguarding Florida’s financial and consumer interests, as well as his efforts to maintain individual privacy and preserve the state’s autonomy in matters related to currency and firearms regulation.

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