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Florida Man is Asked About Gov. DeSantis’ Handling of Hurricane Ian. His Simple Response Blows the Media Narrative Out of the Water.

A Florida man interviewed in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian had a surprising response to be asked about Governor Ron DeSantis’ handling of Hurricane Ian.

“That sh*t about DeSantis, when that gas is here in Arcadia,” the man said. “I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but it’s here in Arcadia, so y’all know who we’re voting for.”

“I don’t know about the rest of you motherf*ckers, but I’m voting for DeSantis, and I’m a Democrat,” he said. “So y’all can call him what the f*ck y’all want to call him.”

DeSantis campaign spokesperson Christina Pushaw said the video was taken over the weekend in DeSoto County.

“I think this is more common than people realize,” she said. “He just said what a lot of democrats are thinking to themselves.”

“He’s happy that the governor visited his community in person. Keep in mind this place Arcadia is a small rural town of less than 10,000. They got flooded bad. Cities on the coast were hit hard & of course @GovRonDeSantis has been there too but he didn’t forget DeSoto/Hardee,” she added.

Despite the media’s narrative that DeSantis had somehow failed Florida, there were several who had praised for the governor.

“I live where Ian hit directly and DeSantis has been all over this disaster doing what a great Governor should, 100% voting for him next month,” one said.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!” another wrote. “WE NEEDED THIS! We feel noticed and not ignored anymore. It really helped our morale and spirits to know that we’re seen. Thank you so much to #TeamDeSantis.”

“Watching De Santis [sic] for a long time (I live near fort Myers) but since Ian? The guy is amazing,” another added.

DeSantis was out among the regular folks and making sure that first responders were well-fed in Punta Gorda on Saturday.

Spectrum News/Siena College poll reported at El American shows FL Gov. Ron DeSantis leads his Democratic opponent Congressman Charlie Crist in his gubernatorial re-election bid by 49% to 41%. Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio is outperforming his Democratic opponent Congresswoman Val Demings by 48% to 41%. Hispanic support for DeSantis was an impressive 53% to Crist’s 37%, while Rubio garnered 55% support to Demings’ 32%.

Editor’s note: Becker News articles are often syndicated on El American, which provides the Hispanic-American community with breaking news and conservative commentary in both English and Spanish.


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