Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is recommending that the current House of Representatives propose and pass a bill to break up the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Gingrich, who presided over the 1994 “Republican Revolution” in the U.S. Congress, gave his advice on Real America’s Voice.

“This is a remarkable country with extraordinary people who are being crippled by their very own government and crippled by an anti-American faction, largely in the universities, and to some extent in the news media and in the corporate CEOs and in the bureaucracy,” Gingrich said.

“But we have a great capacity to fight our way back,” he continued. “And the truth does have a tendency to come out. You’re seeing this happen now with the FBI. I mean, I thought that the Durham report was devastating, followed up on the report of the Inspector General, which was devastating.”

“The fact is we need a bill to break up the Federal Bureau of Investigation and replace it with much more reasonable law enforcement systems and eliminate the entire senior leadership. I mean, it’s clearly a corrupted institution, deeply politicized on the left. and the evidence we have is just overwhelming. So I think what you’ll see and what you have seen a little bit of in the house, for example, with the investigations and with the things the house Republicans are doing, is you’re seeing the beginning of a counter offensive. The entire Trump candidacy is a counter offensive against the left, and that’s why they hate him. That’s why they’re afraid of him. he entered office as the first really non-establishment president.

The general proposal comes in the aftermath of a series of partisan FBI investigations, such as the bureau’s inappropriate actions during Crossfire Hurricane, which targeted then- presidential candidate Donald Trump for campaign surveillance, leading to a Special Counsel investigation that harmed and hindered his presidency for years.

On Friday, the Department of Justice dropped a federal indictment of the former president, listing 37 charges, most of them stemming back to alleged violations of the Espionage Act. The indictment was announced on the same day as the FBI gave the House Oversight Committee access to an FD-1023 informant document alleging that Joe Biden had received at least $5 million in an international bribery scheme.

If Donald Trump were to be convicted of all counts, the former president would face a lifetime sentence in prison.