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France Holds Massive Nationwide Uprising Against State’s Mandatory Vaccine Decree

    The French people are fed up and aren’t taking it anymore. If there is any nation that can send fear though its political leaders, it’s the home of bloody revolutions in the modern era: France.

    Despite the claims by state-run media like Reuters that the police have “quelled” an uprising related to mandatory vaccines, video on Wednesday proves beyond a doubt that the situation has gotten out-of-hand.

    “Police in Paris clashed with protesters railing against President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to require a COVID-19 vaccine certificate or negative PCR test to gain entry to bars, restaurants and cinemas from next month,” Reuters reported.

    Meanwhile, as news media scramble to combat public resistance to the mandatory vaccines, dismissing all concerns as based on ‘misinformation’ and ‘right-wing media,’ the temperature is rising in the streets of Paris, Strasbourg, and elsewhere.

    Police deployed tear gas to combat the angry mob.

    “The demonstration against the health pass began to degenerate in front of the Prefecture of Nantes,” the tweet translated from French to English.

    “From the world to Marseille against the health pass and to defend fundamental freedoms,” the message loosely translates.

    “Protesters against the health pass invade the gardens of the Prefecture of Haute-Savoie in Annecy after forcing through the entrance gate,” the tweet says.

    “The movement is on for freedom to Annecy,” it says, mentioning the ‘health pass.’

    “Dozens of barricades are erected in the neighborhood. Still several hundred demonstrators, many of whom are Yellow Vests,” it says. “No intervention of the police which seem few in number.”

    “Big demonstration also at Toulouse against the health pass and to defend individual freedoms,” the tweet says.

    “BFMTV journalists who filmed the demonstration against the sanitary pass from a good distance were kicked out of Place de la République live,” the tweet says.

    “‘The pass will not pass!’ Opposition to the extension of the health pass and the mandatory vaccine, at least a thousand people gathered at Nantes this July 14, two days after the president’s speech,” it says.

    “Tensions at the head of the procession accompanied by the use of tear gas,” the tweet says.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. media is rushing to frame the uprising as “quelled” and push the case that the vaccinations are necessary for the “Delta variant,” which the U.K.’s NIH has shown to have a case survival rate of 99.9%.

    This is clearly no longer about COVID, it is about government control. The French people are waking up to that fact. And when the French people rise up, bad things are sure to follow.


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