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Freedom Cowboys Ride to the Rescue: Join Truckers and Farmers in Show of Unity for People’s Rights

Freedom Cowboys rode to the rescue of truckers and farmers who are banding together in a show of unity on behalf of people’s human rights.

“More than hundreds of Cowboys arrived in Coutts, US Canada highway to support the Truckers and Farmers Convoy,” Becker News correspondent RealMac reported on Twitter. Watch:

The cowboys join with farmers who also are making a stand for people’s freedom to decide what happens to their own bodies. Here they are in a convoy moving towards Coutts.

Farmers are making themselves felt in cities across Canada and are honking their support for the Freedom Convoy movement.

“Farmers grow, truckers move,” one sign read.

The movement has spread across Canada and is inspiring hard-working, decent people across the world to show they disagree with the unlawful mandates.

Farmers began mobilizing days ago.

Truckers and farmers joined up in Ottawa.

Truckers, farmers, and cowboys. United. Ain’t it beautiful?


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