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Freshman Rep. Doubles Down on Biden Impeachment Charges After Bi-Partisan Attempt to Silence Her

Freshman Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has suddenly become the face of the Republican Party for once holding views that are far outside of the mainstream of America.

Certainly, that isn’t ever the case with radical left-wing activists like the so-called “Squad,” right?

And for holding such heterodox views, she was recently stripped of her committee assignments. CNN reported:

The House voted Thursday evening to remove Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments, a decisive step that comes in the wake of recently unearthed incendiary and violent past statements from the congresswoman that have triggered widespread backlash from Democrats and divided congressional Republicans.

The vote tally was 230-199 with 11 Republican House members voting with Democrats to remove Greene from her committee assignments.

On Friday night, Rep. Greene showed that she was undaunted and will continue to press forward with her impeachment charges she levied against new President Biden.

“I’ve received tens of thousands of calls, emails, social media messages and letters of encouragement from Americans all over the country asking me to push forward with my Joe Biden Articles of Impeachment,” she wrote. “Let’s make it happen!”

Greene is being chased around Washington D.C. by desperate left-wing activsts posing as journalists, all because they miss Trump and are seeking out the most polarizing figure they can find. She mixed it up recently with CNN.

Greene demanded that CNN apologize for “Russia conspiracy lies” before she would answer their quetions.

Greene has expressed complaint that she is being singled out in an all-out attack on free speech.

She also would not disavow former President Trump.

While Greene is a polarizing figure due to her past support for Q Anon, Pizzagate, and other conspiracy theories, there is a reason the left-wing media is elevating her.

Kurt Schlichter, however, made a reasonable counter-argument at Townhall.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and I share the same political party. We share some political views. We don’t share all the same political views, God knows, but I don’t see how that really makes a difference, do you?

The same “cancel” rhetoric used against the freshman from Georgia has been used against Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and even grandfatherly Mitch McConnell.

After she filed her impeachment charges against Biden, she made herself an even bigger adversary for the left. She stated at the time:

“I’ll be introducing Articles of Impeachment against President-elect Joe Biden due to his abuses of power as Vice President,” she promised before the Inauguration. “Americans can’t have a President who has threatened foreign governments to remove government officials,” she continued. Green was apparently making a reference to Biden’s threat that a Ukrainian prosecutor, who happened to be investigating his son’s firm Burisma Holdings, be fired.”

Shortly after she made good on her threat, Democrat representative Rep. Jimmy Gomez filed a motion to expel her from the House of Representatives.

Regardless of the Republicans’ squeamishness about her past social media posts, it’s about time the GOP wakes up and realize that this kind of politics isn’t beanbag. One way to marginalize voices like Greene’s is to fight back against the Democrats just as hard or even harder than she is, except on the most reasonable grounds likely to succeed. That would suck the oxygen out of the room and give Republican voters a real alternative that speaks to the action that they so desperately crave.

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