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‘Fully Vaccinated’ Supreme Court Justice Tests Positive for Covid and There’s One Question on Everyone’s Minds

The media’s hysterical reports over elites, celebrities, or athletes testing positive for Covid-19, whether ‘fully vaccinated’ (so-called) or not, are beginning to lose their surprise factor.

On Friday, breathless reports of “fully vaccinated” Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh flooded the Internet, but were nonetheless greeted with a collective yawn.

“Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh has tested positive for the coronavirus despite being vaccinated, the Supreme Court announced Friday.”

Of course, “fully vaccinated” Americans testing positive for Covid-19 is nothing new, as ‘breakthrough cases’ continue to become more frequent, revealing that the vaccines are failing to do the previously promised jobs.

“In a statement, the court said Kavanaugh had a routine coronavirus test on Thursday and was informed later that night that he had tested positive,” WaPo continued.

“He has no symptoms and has been fully vaccinated since January,” the statement said. The report added that the other justices ‘had tested negative as of last Monday and that Kavanaugh tested negative that day as well.’

“The court’s new term starts Monday. It was not immediately clear how Kavanaugh’s postive [sic] test might affect his participation,” the report continued.

However, Americans cannot be certain that the test isn’t a ‘false positive,’ as recent co-hosts on ABC’s “The View,” Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro reportedly tested positive before an interview with Kamala Harris, only to report later that they received three negative tests in a row.

Americans reacted to the news that Brett Kavanaugh had tested positive for Covid with a relative lack of concern and one major questions.

“He’ll be fine,” Jack Posobiec remarked.

“I still don’t understand why people are getting tested when they’re not sick,” one commenter remarked. “It’s stupid.”

“Why do we keep testing people with no symptoms? What’s the reasoning,” another asked.

“Why do you people keep getting tested for a virus you’ve been inoculated against?” one user inquired. “Do you get regular Small Pox tests too?”

“Why are fully vaccinated people with no symptoms testing for Covid. Unless the vaccine doesn’t work then I understand. Maybe that is the problem,” someone remarked.

“Again, if the shots work, why are we testing vaxxed people?? Still confused…” another said.

“Darn it! I thought those jabs worked,” one user replied. “Oh I forgot, the v@x doesn’t protect you against catching or spreading it…. Whoa.”

“Why would someone get tested if they have no symptoms and are vaccinated?” one person remarked.

“If he is vaccinated and had no symptoms why the hell was he tested,” a commenter asked. “Makes no sense.”

No, it doesn’t make sense. But it’s not going to stop the media from attempting to whip up hysteria over a ‘fully vaccinated’ notable person testing positive for Covid, especially one that liberals seem to want dead, anyway.

“Twitter won’t allow me to say what I really want to say without cancelling my account. So, I’ll just leave it to everyone’s imagination,” a ‘classy’ liberal named Dr Antiracist ReproductiveRights ReclaimPatriotism remarked.

“If ever there was a time and need for a breakthrough case, this is it,” another said.

“Though rare, fully-vaccinated people sometimes die from covid-19,” a leftist replied. “Perhaps the nation will get lucky.”

Much like when Donald Trump tested positive for Covid and beat it despite being unvaccinated and in his 70s, many on the left can’t help but wish death upon everyone they disagree with. Covid has revealed one thing: Many leftists are ignorant, spiteful and hateful human beings unworthy to be called Americans.


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