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Georgia Senator Urges College Students to Guide America Out of “COVID-1619”

Georgia senator Raphael Warnock, who happens to be a Marxist “pastor,” was invited to give a commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta on Saturday. Warnock delivered as expected.  He ingrained a warped narrative of systemic racism into the minds of the college students, and even tied the discredited 1619 project to the radical left’s politicization of COVID-19. Quite the feat.

“May this be the class that’s going to set new standards for how we deliver care people and reach people who have been traditionally marginalized and forgotten about in our healthcare system making sure everyone has great access to health care no matter what they look like, where they live, or how much money they have,” Warnock said.

“May this be the class that is going to keep fighting to reverse and dismantle the disparities in our healthcare system born out of deeply rooted systemic racism,” he continued. “Go forth. Don’t just teach us how to make our way out of COVID-19, teach us how to make our way out of COVID-1619,” Warnock added with applause.

“May this be the class that keep shining a bright spotlight on how disparities outside of our heath care system in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our criminal justice system, I could go on… may you highlight better than any class priority you — how these disparities motivate and exacerbate poor health outcomes,” Warnock went on. “May this be the class that pushes further than any in addressing these social determinants of heath, innovating solutions to these and other problems as we work to get and keep our families and communities healthy. And may this class inspire and work to bring even more doctors and more black doctors and health care professionals into your profession, to keep building on a great work that you are doing right now. I’m just glad to stand here because I am excited about your future. Can I just testify, I mean, you didn’t just invite the senator you did invite the pastor.”

This “pastor” is leading college students astray with a twisted reading of history that poses that America’s founding began in 1619. That is the date when the  British Empire that the American colonialists would later fight a revolution to secede from brought over African slaves.

The southern colonies relied upon slavery for its agrarian economy, but influential founders detested slavery and explicitly sought the gradual emancipation of slaves. There were pressing demands to maintain the Republic under threat from hostile empires, and abolishing slavery outright throughout all of the United States was a bridge too far for a number of southern colonies to cross. Thomas Jefferson sought to condemn Britain for slavery in the original drafts of the Declaration of Independence, but the passage was stricken to temporarily appease the South.

After America’s Independence was won, Constitutional framer James Madison introduced the 3/5ths clause to deliberately weaken the representation of the southern states and induce them towards the eventual emancipation of slaves. The acknowledgment that northern Constitutional framers sought the abolition of the importation of slavery while the southern framers did not comes with the clause on the ban on prohibiting the import of slavery in twenty years’ time. The slavery issue would eventually come to a head with a bloody Civil War, which was the worst war in U.S. history.

The progressives of today can feign to have been as enlightened as America’s Founders of the late 18th century, but the truth is there is little to suggest they have an ounce of the perspicacity and foresight of those who laid the foundation for this great country. Indeed, the philosophical groundwork for the eventual suffrage of all citizens, the extension of equal rights to all mankind, and indeed, the abolition of slavery, began in 1776. That is the history that Marxists “pastors” like Raphael Warnock won’t tell young people.

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