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GOP Senators React to Trump Team Making Final Case at Senate Impeachment Trial

The Trump legal team’s presentation in the final hours of the impeachment trial have slammed the door shut on an impeachment conviction,  judging by reports from GOP senators.

“President’s lawyers blew the House Manager’s case out of the water. Legally eviscerated them,” Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said.

Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee also gave his reaction.

“In response to a question I posed,” the former president’s counsel, “confirmed that this impeachment trial of a former president is nothing more than a political show-trial meant to embarrass and shame,” he wrote.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida also had something to say about today’s impeachment trial.

“If the Senate sets a precedent that a former official can be convicted & disqualified it will be just a matter of time before a future House,under partisan pressure to ‘Lock Her Up’,will impeach & the Senate forced to try other former officials A destructive slipper slope,” he tweeted, seemingly a threat about Hillary Clinton’s own statements that could be construed as ‘incitement.’

Senator Ted Cruz had a colorful tweet that appeared to be approval of the Trump legal team:

Senator Lindsey Graham also weighed in:

“BREAKING NEWS: To my friends in media,” he tweeted. “Have you not noticed questions from Democrat senators are designed to help the House managers reassert and rehabilitate their case. And 90% percent of questions from Republicans are designed to help the former President’s defense team.”

“For you to act surprised says more about your understanding of politics than anything else. And if you find these facts surprising, you have missed a lot about impeachment trials,” he added.

Earlier, Senator Lindsey Graham signaled that the “not guilty vote” was growing.

Senator Tim Scott, who has said previously that Trump is “simply not guilty” earlier had a straight-shooting way to describe the effect of the House impeachment managers’ arguments.

“Not a single thing will change,” he told Axios. “The outcome is set.”

The impeachment trial will continue tomorrow at 10 a.m. America is in the final hours of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial; and if the sentiment of Republican senators is any judge, the persecution of a former president will soon be over.

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This is a breaking news piece. It will be updated as more information is forthcoming.

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